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National Pro Fastpitch

No description

Kaycee Popham

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of National Pro Fastpitch

1 Team Members! Dana Thornton
Caty Jutson
Krystina Coker
Kaycee Popham
Daniel Allen
Jessica Rainer Mission Statement To give women's sports, specifically softball, a voice in a male dominated sports industry. Situation Analysis Major League Baseball, Women's National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer
Salary averages: NPF $5-7,000 MLB $1,207,500
Internal status: financial
External status: lack of sponsors League Analysis Four teams: Akron Racers, Chicago Bandits, Carolina Diamonds and USSSA Pride
Average around 93 games a year SWOT All Americans, Olympians and collegiate standouts compile team rosters
Community service
Only professional softball league in the United States
All college graduates
Anxious for growth Strengths Weaknesses
Poor structure
Lack of general knowledge of National Pro Fastpitch
Western half of the United States is without an National Pro Fastpitch team
Poor organization of information on National Pro Fastpitch’s website
Lack of corporate sponsors Opportunities New funding opportunities
TV time
League expansion
Social media outreach (t-shirt)
With the spread of popularity we could possibly reinstate softball in the 2020 Olympics Threats
Continued dominance of soccer, basketball and baseball
Funding for league
Other forms of entertainment
Players dependence on other forms of income
Lack of control over team owners vs. the league PEST Political
Women’s rights
Health care
The United States is still in a recession
Michelle Obama’s push for a healthier lifestyle Economic
•The National Pro Fastpitch’s lack of funding
•Unbalanced market share with competitors
•The re-election of President Obama and the increase in taxes for small business
• Gas prices
•Inflation •Women are held at a higher standard
•Age groups
•Athletic culture vs. Non-athletic cultures
•People need an escape from their problems Social Technological
•Social media
•Rapid exchange of information
•More voice given to the general public Current Users 31 million consumers watch annually (flyer)
$70,000 annually (flyer)
On scale of 1-10, 10 being more feminine survey takes rated softball athletes on average 5.49 Competition Major League Baseball
30 teams
Have a clean easily navigated website
Spent $6.9 billion in advertising
Air time Campaign Objective To continue league expansion and raise awareness in men ranging between the ages of 18-34 by three percent after a full calendar year preceding the implementation of phase one’s tactics; measurable by web traffic, Facebook statistics and overall game attendance. Strategy: To introduce National Pro Fastpitch brand to new markets and potential sponsors. Tactics:
•Press kit & Pitch letters
•Create a letter to the Jimmy Fallon show for possible media attention
•Create a funny YouTube parody
•Creative print advertisements
•Buffalo Wild Wings trivia night
•Non-profit partnership with National Parkinson’s Foundation
•Calendar application for electronic devices
•Tweet-A-Shirt Campaign
•Create a commercial
•Radio commercial Target Audience Men aged 18-34
Target income $65,545
Upscale, educated background
MLB fans for a quicker ROI Creative Objective To rebrand National Pro Fastpitch with sex appeal towards our new targeted male dominated audience. PR Objective To enhance the relationship by three percent between professional softball and men, ranging between the ages of 18 to 34 by October 2013. Strategies: 1 Strategy To raise awareness within the public & sponsors about NPF and to help increase coverage in newspapers, magazines, local radio and news stations by: 2 Strategy To communicate the strong, yet feminine aspect of softball by: A news release
Fact sheet
Background page
Feature stories Tactics: Tactic:
Creating a calendar app of softball players with sex appeal 3 Strategy To enhance and create relationships with NPF and its publics by gaining a mutual understanding of the league and its purpose by: Tactics:
Sending a letter to the Jimmy Fallon Show
Plan a celebrity softball game
Team up with a non-profit for an event
Use guerrilla marketing to advertise for the events 4 Strategy To attain more sponsorships from Corporate America by: Tactic:
Sending pitch letters and the press kit to different organizations. Media Objective To increase visitors to NPF's website by 20% this year and have 4,000 attendees at the championship game. Tactics: Radio
Print and Copy
Event Suggestions Wrap a car
Expand use of bus ads
Pedal Tavern or Pedal Pubs
Celebrity slow-pitch
Foundation or scholarship
Digital app
Distribute postcards Phase 1- $6,000
300 Shirts
Silkworm $1,200
Jimmy Fallon Letter
Funny YouTube video
Bus ad where teams are located
Tail end- $450
Guerrilla Marketing
Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia Night
Press Kit
$50/10 books
$7.50/100 postcards 2 Phase 2
Print Advertising
Four Color/3x/$2,205
Radio Commercial
$460 Chicago
Wrapped car
Pedal Tavern/Pedal Pub
$250 per rental 3 Phase 3
Celebrity Game
30 second spot on ESPN/$19,301 Budget The End!
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