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Caught at extreme cold

No description

Aylen Gomez

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Caught at extreme cold

But, we were lost in a somewhere in Antarctica and...
We would need equipment needed for survive
In the winter the darkness infinite

it would be illuminated for the happy dance of northern lights
Do you really believe that we will survive?
Caught at extreme cold

Few remain really wild places and none so amazing like this.
30 degrees below zero it would be normal, the weather like it would be nice…
To family of polar bears
If I were wounded, We could not get out of there
We could die frozen
if we didn't have food,
We could die
we could stay buried under the snow
we would need something for we protect
as a tent
Or If a avalanche fall out on we
we would need react with rapidity
We would have go to the right or to the left
we would have leave the heavy equip
If we were that cross a frozen river
We would have swim fast
Because our heart could stop
A bear could attack we
And We could die or
we could kill it
we could be rescued by a helicopter
If we would have a radio
we would ask help
For survive, we would need
a map
Extra food (preferably lyophilized)
additional water
Extra clothes and ropes
Lantern / flashlight
First aid kit
Ferro or fire starter or lighter

Aylen Virginia Gomez Cruz
Juliette del Rosario Garcia Lopez

: 5
Next, the situations
and our possible reactions or solutions,
If we could go to Antarctica

See you later :)
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