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Mini Lecture 1: Introduction

This is the first lecture for ENG 232; it provides an introduction to your instructor, an overview of the course syllabus and website, and provides questions for you to consider while completing this week's reading.

Anna Green

on 5 July 2016

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Transcript of Mini Lecture 1: Introduction

Mini Lecture 1 Outline
Part 1: Getting to know your instructor
Part 2: How to do this course: Highlights from the syllabus, our D2L website, discussion using Slack.
Part 3: Course themes and guiding questions
Part 4: Reading David Sedaris
Week 1 Checklist

Part 2: How to Do This Course
Part 3: Course Themes and Guiding Questions
Part 4: Reading David Sedaris
Week 1 Checklist
Watch: Mini Lecture 1
Read: Selections from David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day
Weekly Writing Prompt 1 (DUE FRIDAY AT 5 PM)
Set up Slack account, familiarized yourself with how to use it. For a tutorial on setting up an account, click here.
Read the course syllabus, assignment sheets, and evaluation rubrics.
Formed group "meeting" and discussion leader schedule; one group member has submitted to D2L dropbox and has also posted to Slack discussion channel. (DUE SUNDAY AT 11:59 PM)
Part 1: Getting to Know Your Instructor
Optional: David Sedaris Reads "Jesus Shaves"
Mini Lecture 1: Introduction
ENG 232, Week 1
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