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What I would do with one million dollars.

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Charles Buckley

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of What I would do with one million dollars.

A Presentation By Charles Buckley "If I Had a Million Dollars" What would you do with
One Million Dollars? Hello! As hopefully most of you know, we were asked what we would do with $1 000 000 if it were given to us. The following slides are what I would do, with included costs and a running measure of my remaining funds. It's my bucket list, and these are all things that I hope to achieve eventually anyway.

Thanks for your attention. Step 3 - Support Child's Play Step 4 - School -Currently I'm interested in multiple career paths

-I'd set aside one hundred thousand dollars for school and living expenses. Step 1 - Experience Zero Gravity - A combination of Go Carting and Paintball guns has always been a dream of mine.

- For ten carts, the cost is four hundred dollars per hour.

-An average paintball gun goes for one hundred forty dollars.

-Total cost: Three thousand four hundred dollars for a five hour series of races. + = AWESOME Remaining cash: $ 980 000 Step 2 - Go-Cart Paintball Remaining Cash: $ 965 000 For years, the Child's Play charity has supplied toys, games and books to bed-ridden kids around the world.

I'd donate the money not used by my past two endeavors, to keep my "Hundred Thousand Dollar Per Step" budget constant. Remaining Cash: $ 800 000 Remaining Cash: $ 700 000 Step 5 - Replicas - Recently, a replica of the 1981 Delorean DMC time machine from the first Back To The Future movie went on auction for a starting price of seventy thousand dollars.

-A One hundred thousand dollar bid should keep it mine for the duration of the auction. Remaining Cash: $ 600 000 Step 6 - The Rest -Split between a $ 350 000 stock portfolio and a high-interest bank account, generating me a healthy bonus to a yearly salary. Remaining Cash: $ 600 000 Conclusion I ended my endeavor with a new car, the feeling of zero gravity, a healthy charitable donation, money set aside for school, and
$ 600 000 that would work for me. I'd say that it was a good use of the money, but would you? Fun Fact: One million dollars in hundred dollar bills would weigh 24 imperial pounds. Monday, February 25th, 2013 Image and Video Links / Citations -Zero gravity flights are offered by Virgin Galactic

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