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The Evolution of the Telescope

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Telescope

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How it all started
Refracting Telescopes
Telescopes have had a big impact on us. From space telescopes, to see small objects in space, to solar telescopes, to see stars better and bigger, we have depended on them ever since astronomers have focused in the world above. (space.)

The Evolution of the Telescope
Reflecting Telescopes
Using a telescope means using refraction. As scientists were trying to see objects through a heat haze they realized it was too blurry to see. So scientists invented telescopes to see through heat hazes as well as objects in the atmosphere. Galileo made the first telescope in 1609.
Solar Telescopes
These telescopes were made to see the stars more clearer. Usually telescopes are powerful when it comes to looking at objects farther away. Though these telescopes look high and mighty they actually aren't that strong. Also these telescopes have high magnification.
Johannes Kepler tried to improve the quality of images and telescopes' lens. When he changed the concave lens' to convex, people stopped using Galileo's invention. They then adapted to Kepler's convex lens design. This new design let people see a larger area in space.
In the telescopes rather than using refraction they use reflection this allowed astronomers to design shorter, more powerful telescopes. This made it easier for astronomers to position the telescope and make it easier to maneuver.
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