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Career Shadowing at LG

My Career Shadowing Day at LG with Michelle, Shanikwa, Jasmine, Mr.Vann, and Mrs.Deshazor

Ashley Kelly

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at LG

Career Shadowing
April 14, 2010
Lake Gibson High School
Mrs.Deshazor Job Description:
Dean of Students- She monitors the students in the hallways, at lunch, and when they arrive and leave school. She also disciplines when needed. Education:
-Required education is you have to complete or be working on your Masters degree in educational leadership
-Mrs.Deshazor has a B.S. in elementary education with an ESOL endorsement, and a Masters in Educational Leadership (M.B.A.) Salary:
-Depends on how long you've been working in the the school system; based on a teacher salary.
-Mrs.Deshazor makes over $40,000 Mrs.Deshazor's Outlook Of Her Job:
-She believes it's important to do a job you love. You have to have patience. You have to have the "they're just kids" attitude. You also have to work with the other Deans and follow school rules. You are also on a computer and walkie talkie constantly. Purpose of Company:
To educate high school children In 15 Years:
-This school will still be providing
education to high school children My Outlook:
-I would possibly pursue a career
here. It seemed like a great enviroment.
The best thing about this job is interacting
with all of the staff and students. I dislike
this job due to the attitudes of the students.
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