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Business Analysis Presentation


Bryan Nguyen

on 17 February 2010

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Transcript of Business Analysis Presentation

The life of the Business Analysis Team One morning, Diana receives an e-mail from Mickey Diana assigns the project to a Business Analyst Damon is the lucky recipient! Damon meets with Juan to determine if he has worked with
previous stakeholders regarding mobile application development Damon identifies stakeholders and
schedules requirements elicitation meeting Basic system requirements UI Standards Pricing scheme Abides by rules of SDK + App Store Must be approved by App Store Functionality limitations of application (iPhone) Live stakeholder requirements elicitation! Configurable to show option on how toilet flushes, automatic or manual and whether or not it has toilet seat covers This stakeholder really doesn't like touching anything in the bathroom, good to know! Also show options for type of faucet and hand dryers Must have perfume Must have an air freshener option Must have option to indicate stalls that have doors. Bathroom must have sink Must have option to indicate stalls that have doors that may or may not lock. Must have option to include bathrooms with sinks. Must have option to indicate whether or not paper products (paper towels, toilet paper) are free or cost $$. Must have option to indicate whether or not an attendant is on staff in the bathroom Must have option to indicate whether or not an attendant is on staff in the bathroom Must integrate with GPS to find closest toilet. Must utilize user options selected to find suitable toilets within a specific distance Sounds more like a "desirement" Noted! Deal breaker, must have sink option to exclude bathrooms with no sink Same requirement as the previous stakeholder, but for different reasons True, had that happen last week after eating tacos... 0_o What is requirements elicitation? End of requirements elicitation! Time to create the Business Requirements Document! Several days later... Time to deliver initial draft to stakeholders After stakeholder requirements verification,
Damon holds a peer review session Damon emails the final BRD to IT Executive for approval Roy responds with his feedback Damon makes changes and sends final document to stakeholders for approval Damon schedules a development initiation
meeting with IT Software Services Wrap-up the Business Analysis process And now a word from Diana Cagle, Senior Manager - Business Systems Development THE END! Stakeholder #1 Stakeholder #2 Stakeholder #3 Stakeholder #4 Stakeholder #5 Stakeholder #6 Business Requirements Document sections Introduction Summary of Current Systems Analysis Proposed System Features Reports Training and Documentation Schedule Requirements & Considerations Communication Plan Sounds like they don’t like paying for the ‘extras.' I need to add in an option to be able to exclude bathrooms that charge for anything! Diana assigns project to Bob Blaydes Question & Answer
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