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Copy of Math Webquest on Exponents

No description

Susanne Feldman

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Math Webquest on Exponents

Math Webquest
Copy down the definition for exponent.
Click on the following link. Watch from the beginning to the 3 minute 55 second mark. You may pause and re-watch as much as necessary to complete the WS.
Fun Brain: Tic-Tac-Toe Squares
Zero and Negative Exponents
Go to your Canvas for this class.

Click on the "assignments" tab on the left.

Choose the "Section 7.1 Video"

Watch my 1st video I've ever made!
Please wear your headphones so you don't disrupt your neighbors. Fill in the 7.1 notes as I present them.
Exponent Definition
Khan Academy Lesson
Click on "Math Arcade"
Under "Math" (in the orange) on the very bottom, click on "Tic-Tac-Toe Squares"
Under "Super Brain", click on squares or cubes.
Play the Game!!! (only once)
Record your game on the WS
Go to your Canvas page for this class.
On the left side there is a "Quiz" tab, click it.
Begin the quiz, it will be for points based on accuracy.
By Mrs. Feldman
Negative Exponents Practice
On your worksheet, fill in the problem and your answer for this quiz. Record your score when you finish.
Click play, enter your name, click "play now," then "start game."

Play one round for practice, then another to see how well you can rank.
Otter Rush Game
$$$ Who Wants To Be A Millionaire $$$
Click on the link, answer the questions until you have reached $1,000,000. There are three hints available. I need to sign off on your paper that you made it to the $1 Million.
IXL - Exponents
Click on the link, fill in the answers until your "smart score" has a ribbon.
Are you enjoying this?
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