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Entrepreneurship Final Project

No description

misha azmat

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship Final Project

Vision, Mission
Vision statement:
To be the pioneer of cafés in fine dining experience in Pakistan

Mission statement:
To attain and provide delicious and outstanding food that meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and combines both modern-creative and traditional French styles of cooking
Delivering its customers with impeccable experience of dining in a French themed Café.
Team members
Danial Qayam
Daniyal Shahid
Fawad Samejo
Marium Khan
Misha Sheikh
Sobh Pathan
Gluttony is a french outdoor cafe
It is located in Clifton block 2 Shop No.28/2 Beach Blessing Apartments
It is a classic exclusive French bistro aiming to emulate similar traditional French ambiance and taste with a touch of modern twist
Gluttony is established by 6 active partners
Target market
Gluttony is located in one of the most exclusive and posh area of the city targeting the niche market.
Our target segments are the areas of Defence, Clifton
Sec group A and B+ are targeted
All age groups are targeted in terms of delicious french food
Entrepreneurship Final Project
Reason for venture
Creating a business that has potential market growth
Thriving success of food sector
Elite culture of eating outdoors with family
Market pioneers of a outdoor french cafe
Business Description
Gluttony is a typical French style café with both indoor and outdoor setting
The theme revolves around blissful outdoor setting,romantic aura with good food and a comforting experience
Organizational Plan
Gluttony is a partnership of 6 with equal share in the company
The responsibilities will be divided according to the individual’s specific area of interest and expertise
All six of the partners will also be the board of committee of the organization with complete decision authority and veto power
Share Distribution
Initial investment by each partner is Rs. 1,000,000
Share of each partner in company is 16%
Profit sharing ratio of all partners is equal
Every partner has limited liability for the debts only to the extent of the value of their capital accounts
Gluttony is located at Clifton block 2 near Karachi Broast, the reason for this selection is due to a wide array of fine dining restaurants in the area visited by Sec A and B+

Another reason for the restaurant being an ideal spot is due to a bunch of good schools in the area thus being an ideal spot for teenagers to relax and enjoy quality french food
Gluttony offers a wide array of exclusive french food and cocktails
Industry Analysis
The food industry in Pakistan is the 2nd largest with more than 169 million consumers
Pakistan spends half of their income on food and beverages, thus sharing 17 percent of GDP
Trend from desi food has shifted towards upscale fine dining
In a technologically advanced world, keeping up to date is important and is a major marketing tool
Building rented is an old building which requires a lot of renovation to create a outdoor cafe with a lot of lighting, landscaping and tiling
Land space will be rented on a contract of 6 months with an advance payment of 2 months security deposit
Daniyal Shahid
Marketing manager of Gluttony, handling all the marketing activities of the restaurant
Fawad Samejo
Finance manager of Gluttony, handling all the expenses and investments occurred by the restaurant and managing profit and salries
Daniyal Qayam & Misha Sheikh
Head chefs of Gluttony till expansion, preparing quality meals for customers
Sobh Pathan
Floor manager and co marketing manager, handling all the restaurant queries and marketing activities
Marium Khan
Floor manager of Gluttony, handling all the queries present at the restaurant till expansion
Legal Concern
Apply for registration from the Controller of Registration
Gluttony will get registered from ISO 22001 with our NTN number and company bank account
We will take legal services from Bari and co ltd Legal Services as they are the specialist in hotel/restaurants registration in Pakistan.
PR Activation
Activation in Szabist
Age: 18 – 45Gender: Male and Female

Nationality: Pakistani as well as foreigners (tourists)

Marketing Strategy
Social Media
Outdoor Media
Mobile App
Loyalty Programs

Social Media and Website
As our target market is youth and elite class so the best way to target them is through social media primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

All the Latest deals, New offerings and discounts shall be communicated through website. Products and their specialities shall also be promoted through the use of website.
Grand Launching:
Grand launch of the Cafe broadcast by the media, all prominent celebrities and personalities shall be invited.
Grand Launching event is on the first day of the opening to create a massive, long lasting impact on consumer
Grand Launching shall also be marketed as teaser through social media, Gluttony Website and Flyers
Publications and Outdoor
Press releases shall be published about the Grand Launching

Informative and Creative Flyers shall be distributed in malls and top universities of Karachi

Billboards use shall be exercised for achieving brand awareness and brand recall

They will also work as reminder from time to time to retain/cater our existing and the potential customers.

Marketing Mix
Product: French Cuisine and Dining Experience

Price: Value Based Pricing Strategy

Promotion : Below the Line Promotional Activities

Place: Clifton block 2

Marketing Budget
Income statement
Balance sheet
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