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No description

Raghavendra Alapati

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Physio-the-rapist

Work Experience
What do i do ?
Status Update
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Currently seeking a summer job :-)

Why I Joined this profession?
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• Assess patient's physical abilities through evaluative
procedures such as functional ability tests
Fitness and Health Promotion
Georgian College

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Swatantra Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (SIPR)

Lives In
From India
Currently living in Barrie
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Naga Venkata Raghavendra Rao ALAPATI (Rg)

As a physiotherapist with more than 3 years’ experience I am confident in approaching my client and demonstrate sound knowledge of standards and protocols needed for safe practice. I am fun loving and interest in working with all age groups

GSL Medical College, India

Sneha Hospitals, India
Started as an assistant physiotherapist and later promoted to physiotherapist

From Childhood am more inclined to biology (passion)
It allows me to work with clients and medical conditions (interest)
Nice and steady income(All in one)
It makes me happy when someone recovered because of me (satisfaction)
• Plan and implement programs of physiotherapy
How much do i earn ?
According to canadian labor market statistics average annual income is $50,467
Noc – 3142 Therapy and Assessment Professionals
Thank You!
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