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Copy of TruEarth Healthy Foods Case Study

No description

Saikat K Das

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of TruEarth Healthy Foods Case Study

SWOT Analysis
TruEarth Healthy Foods Case Study
Saikat Kr. Das
Rahul Ray

Financial Analysis
Company Profile
Founded in 1993 by entrepreneur, Gareth DeRosa

Offered high quality, good taste, and healthy pasta + sauces

Launched Cucina Fresca (whole grain pasta) in 2006 - its main product line

TruEarth considering new product launch in the refrigerated pizza market
-Buy new refrigerated equipment
-Use existing packaging equipment


-Promotions: facebook, twitter, email, magazine, mail
-Contest and prize advocacy
-Store event: taste of whole-grain pizza ( ex mini market showcase at Costco)

1. Existing Competition: pizza delivery/ take out restaurants, frozen pizza suppliers (Nestle and Kraft)
2. New entrant threat: Rigazzi
Value Proposition
Guilt-free gourmet pizza with whole wheat crust
Healthy Premium ingredients
Semi prepared, so it’s easy to make
Toppings packaged separately, it’s catered to each customer’s taste
Less expensive than take out
Proceed with the new pizza product

Financially justified

Extends and strengthens our brand

Risk diversification
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