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Mona Kamel

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Introduction :
- The radical change in twentieth century

- Simulating the nature using Geometric shapes

- said " Every thing in Nature is based on
Sphere , Cone and Cylinder "
The Cubist School Definition :
- Theory of crystallization
- Pioneers : Picasso ( 1881-1973 )
Brak (1882-1963)
- Louis Vauxcelle Named it
Cubism In Architecture
-Emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century
- The Theories Pythagoras " Geometrical shapse "
The Beginning of Cubism :
- Georges Braque ( 1904 )

- When we discovered Cubism, we did not have the aim of discovering Cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us. (Pablo Picasso)
- sculpture nègne
Philosophical References For Cubism :
The Features of the school :
-Geometrical shapes
- Straight lines
- Angels
- colors

Time Line
-Preliminary stage (1907-1909)
-Synthetic stage (1912-1925)
-Analytical stage (1909-1912)
Thank you ^_^
presented By :


*The Cubist School Presentation*
- Under The Supervision of :
Dr : Ali Bayoumi
- Presented by : Group A
Architecture Department , Faculty of Engineering
**Truth is an invisible object hides behind virtual images **
creat new models and be derived from nature ,but they don't seek to imitate it
- Creat new models and be derived from nature ,but they don't seek to imitate it
-stripping painting structure and organize it
geometrically ,then it enters the theme that
keeps a clear link to nature
The Geisel library,California ,designed in 1960 , opened in 1970 ,by William pereira
City green court , Czech , Richard meier
Home by
Matt Gibson
Viewing Tower Reusel by Ateliereen architect en, Reusel, Netherlands
Transformation Traits :
4-Widening of materials and techniques used so as to include collage and sculpture materials
Ahmed Saad Al-Nagar
Amal Shalan
Rwan Ali Hassan
Alaa Saber
Mahinoor Mohamed Abd el Hamid
Mona Ismail Kamel
Gahad Salah
Manal Ramadan Mahmoud
Esraa Mohammed Abd Ellatif
Omnia Gaber Mohamed
Sherif Ali Mohamed
Reem Amgad Ibrahim Elsawey
1- cubism relied on full abstraction
2- Emotion has been neglected and that by neglect the color and neutral color sufficiency like brown , grey and dark green
3- Exclude light because it affects the shapes
Important paintings in the Cubist school :
Proposed mountain hostel by Atelier 8000 looks like it has crashed into the Earth
Modern Buildings :
Juan Gris
The Museum Of The Modern ArtDesigned by " Kisho Kurokawa"
in 1929
located in " New york city "
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