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William Glasser’s Noncoercive Discipline

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eman ahmed

on 20 December 2010

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Transcript of William Glasser’s Noncoercive Discipline

William Glasser William Glasser “ Choice Theory ” psychiatrist educational consultant reality therapy Control Theory Glasser’s Principal Teaching (6 importants) Quality Teaching: Strengths of Glasser’s Noncoercive Discipline
- Schools traditionally expect students to do boring work while sitting and waiting, which goes strongly against student nature.
- Think about regarding quality in teaching and learning, like how teachers can function more effectively as larders who provide and encourage.
- Increase quality in teaching and learning can be put gradually into practice, thus allows teachers to evaluate for themselves on classroom.
- Do some changes in teaching techniques, help bring about what all teachers want, which is for their students to learn well and enjoy. Initiating Glasser’s Noncoercive Discipline - Involve students in discussions about the curriculum, topics they would be like to explore.
- Make plain to students that you will try to organize a few activities as they have suggest
- Learn how to function as a lead teacher rather than a boss teacher
- When student misbehave discuss their behavior and why it was inappropriate for the class to avoid it.
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