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No description

Deric Bownds

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Chunks

"you" aren't doing it, "it" is. Your Brain is not Your Brain. "you" aren't doing it, "they" are. What "you" are able to do. TITLES OUTLINES
Next talk title? : Your brain is not your own.
I. ‘you’ aren’t doing it, ‘they’ in you is.)
-The primal loop (baby mother, deric’s I-it-them) that keeps the social brain vitalized. How we are our social brain.
--web of society instead of hierarchy, like video (http://mindblog.dericbownds.net/2012/06/power-of-network-visualization.html) rationale for conservative point of view, liberal more hierarchical (caretaking) Haidt book.
II. ‘you aren’t doing it, “it” in you is.

Your Brain Is Not Your Brain

1. "you" aren't doing it, "they" are.

2. "you" aren't doing it, "it" is.

-Metacognition (Dolan http://www.jneurosci.org/content/32/18/6117.abstract and that edge piece http://edge.org/response-detail/2842/what-is-your-favorite-deep-elegant-or-beautiful-explanation ). Also, recall lyrical tone of bon-bons essays and start of emotions chapter in book.
(6/22/12, thinkin’ that this topic is too brainy, introspective, sort of like 200 msec manager would be, Outline, refs Self Constructors distinguished by duration of their action
Long term (human microbiota), short term (what woke up this morning)

(this title could encompass everything above as bullet point chunks)

with the few that interest me the most expanded on.

another title or bullet: Merging Minds Outline
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