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Senior Project: Animal Abuse

Senior Project Presentation

cassandra brady

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Senior Project: Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse Mostly Found Just the Beginning First Step, Whats Next? Rapist and Murderers One Other Crime Testing Facilities Circus Physical Abuse Hording/Fighting Unintentional Types of Animal Abuse Hitting, kicking, choking, and throwing Leaving animal in car Too many animals in or around a destination Cosmetology Next could be child or partner Mimicking how they abused animals, on humans. Cassandra Brady Extreme abuse: Setting animal on fire, hanging, slaughtering Not paying attention to animal Leaving animal chained up Fighting animals for entertainment Ringling Bros. Animals tortured to learn routines Chemical It usually precedes other attacks They do what may have been done to them. Punish to prevent
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