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Smart Nation

No description

han hui min

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Smart Nation

Smart Queue Monitoring System

Smart Park Lighting

Automated System for Detecting the Cleanliness of Public Areas
Seminar 4
Case Study:
Building a Smart Nation

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
I. Introduction of Smart Nation
II. Smart Nation Initiatives
III. Smart Nation Platform
IV. Conclusion
Use technology extensively & systematically
Increase productivity of economy, improve lives of Singaporeans & create a more responsive society
How does the Smart Nation Platform help...
Better Situational Awareness
Collect & Comprehend
Group 3
Chong Jie Luai Aaron
Han Huimin
Goh Wanxin
Seo Ka Chih
Li Jixiang

I. Introduction of Smart Nation
Companies and agencies act on the collected data to:

◦Providing new services and products
Improve the quality of citizens’ lives

1) Greater citizen-centric services
Serve citizens’ needs and expectations
Improved policy planning and creation of citizen centric services
2) Increased access to data and information (Empowerment)

Individual level
Enable citizens to make better decisions

Community level
Create actionable solutions that can benefit society as a whole
How does the Smart Nation Platform help...
Enable innovation
More conducive and networked environment

Provide useful data insights for businesses

Creates opportunities to innovate and build new services

Enables new market possibilities
Anonymised . Protected . Managed . Shared
II. Smart Nation Initiatives
Timely & Appropriate
Co-creating solutions with anyone for everyone
Plans & Decisions
How does the Smart Nation Platform help...

Public Agencies
II. Smart Nation Initiatives
Greater Efficiency
Opportunities for your BIG Ideas to be supported
Minimize duplication of efforts and disruption

Catalyze rollout of systems

Support faster deployment of systems
Stronger inter-agency cooperation
Strengthening government’s ability to provide an integrated service delivery
Internet of Things
4C Framework:
Connect, collect, comprehend and create
Smart Nation Initiative:
Smart mobility
Smart living
Opportunity for your ideas to be supported
Co-creating solutions with anyone for everyone.
Wellness . Active Aging . Home-based Care . Sustainable Living
Smart Nation Goals:
Improving lives of the citizen
Create more opportunities for businesses and public agencies
Punggol's Northshore District
1402 units
12 blocks
To enable and provide a speedy, secure, cost-effective and scalable
nationwide communication infrastructure
iHealth mobile applications
Enabling Smart Devices to Interoperate
AG Boxes
Thank You
Smart Nation Platform (SNP)
4 Cs:
Collect & Comprehend
Jurong Lake District
Smart Mobility
Aspects of smart mobility
Timely information
Smart vehicles
Smart Living
The “Smart HDB Town Framework” maps out how HDB intends to introduce the “Smart” element in HDB towns and estates by focusing on four key dimensions:
Smart Planning
Smart Environment
Smart Estate
Smart Living
Timely information
Idea of providing timely information to public transport commuters goes back a long way
SBS Transit iris (Intelligent Route Information System)
SG NextBus
SMRT Book A Taxi

LTA’s MyTransport.SG App
Award-winning app
Delivers the next wave of transport information services
Empower users who can access information seamlessly in any platform
Nurture a vibrant transport ecosystem where they are empowered to create new applications which further benefit the public

Smart Vehicles
NTU's driverless electric car, NAVIA
Smart Living
HDB will provide digital infrastructure in flats to pave the way for intelligent homes.
Residents can tap on smart home applications developed by commercial companies that can
provide convenience and comfort;
enhance energy savings; and
enable them to access services like healthcare.
Potential smart home applications:
Centralised Home Control System
Home Energy Management System
Smart Elderly Alert System

Next Gen NBN
II. Smart Nation Initiatives
II. Smart Nation Initiatives
1) Mobility
2) Sustainability
3) Improve Sensing and Situational awareness
24/7 connectivity from Singapore to JB and some say Batam!
RAT (Radio access Technology)
LTE, WiFi and 3G(HSPA, UMTS, CDMA2000)
(Hotspots, Towers)
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