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Grendel Chapter 3

No description

Emily/Karina Sparling/Ocampo

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Grendel Chapter 3

Summary Chapter 3 Review Grendel by Emily& Karina the author's hints as to
what may happen in the future "But the threats were serious. Darting unseen from camp to camp, I observed a change come over their drunken boasts." (Gardner 33) Literary
Terms Foreshadowing Alliteration the repetition of similar sounds, especially, the initial consonant sound of a word "At the first sign of spring they would set out their shrines and scatter seeds on the sides of the hill, below the shacks..." (Gardner 31) In this chapter, Grendel is observing the development of the bands. He watches the rise of Hrothgar, the leader of the Danes, as the tribes begin to pay him tribute in exchange for protection. Grendel comes to the realization that he is somehow related to the humans because he understands their language. This disturbs him deeply, since he is so shocked by their wastefulness and barbaric actions. Hrothgar, tiring of the inefficiency of the transportation of the tributes, calls for his men to build roads throughout the lands; this unifies the territories. Hrothgar's meadhall is the center of all the communities, and his influences is growing even more. A blind singer, the Shaper, arrives at Hrothgar's meadhall. Hrothgar accepts him into their community and is entertained by the Shaper's story of Scyld Sheffing and his son, who the Shaper claims rebuilt the Danish Empire. The Shaper includes Hrothgar in his stories, suggesting that Hrothgar will accomplish great things and be a legacy. The people are pleased with the Shaper's stories and celebrate every night in the meadhall! Grendel is confused about the Shaper's words. The Shaper is a very skilled scop, or poet, and everyone believes his fabricated tales. Grendel runs into the forest, seeking understanding of his confused emotions, caused by the Shaper's misleading stories. He goes to the top of a cliff and screams and yells and tries to release some of his confused anger. Grendel runs home to the safety of his own cave, hoping to escape his feelings of anger and confusion. The humans start to plant crops and domesticate animals. The women stay at the camp to tend to the home while the men go out every day to hunt. At night, the humans drink and tell stories about what they plan to do to neighboring bands. Grendel recalls that each band follows a pattern of development. He is amused by their drunken boasts about warring with the other tribes, but he is not sure if they are completely serious threats. "The people were hushed. Even the surrounding hills were hushed, as if brought low by language."(Gardner 42) Personification the attribution of a personal nature or character to inanimate objects or abstract notions, especially as a rhetorical figure an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally Hyperbole "I glanced at the watchdogs. They still sat silent like tree stumps, locked in my spell." (Gardner 41) A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing to another things of a different kind Simile "Men wept like children: the children sat stunned..." (Gardner 43) Zodiac Symbol Element: Air
Ruling House: Third
Ruling Planet: Mercury Geminis are quick-witted and fast thinking. They love to listen and learn and they are charming and congenial. Geminis loves to share things about themselves with their friends and loved ones. Their light spirit helps them appear forever young and playful. Geminis have been described as flirtatious and endless fun. They have the ability to see both sides of a situation. Geminis can also be considered fickle and restless. They can change their mood on a simple whim. Gemini Characteristics This zodiac symbol of the Gemini (the twins) is represented by Grendel's inner dilemma of being torn between two thoughts. His owns personal recounts of history and the events that the Shaper talks about in his stories are conflicting. Grendel feels like he cannot designate rational thoughts from the poets' beautifully fabricated stories. This causes Grendel to be confused and angry. Literary Connection Important Quotes "...Hrothgar was more to be feared than a tree or a snake. It wasn't until later, when i was full grown and Hrothgar was an old, old man that I settled my soul on destroying him-slowly and cruelly." (Gardner 30) "It was confusing and frightening, not in a way I could untangle. I was safe in my tree and the men who fought were nothing to me, except of course that they talked in something akin to my own language, which meant that we were, incredibly, related. I was sickened if only at the waste of it..." (Gardner 36) "The man had changed the world, had torn up the past by its thick, gnarled roots and had transmuted it, and they, who knew the truth, remembered it his way- and so did I." (Gardner 43)
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