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AnakBanwa: Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines

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Janella Lopez

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of AnakBanwa: Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines

Using ocean-going vessels such as the above, the Malays brought with them new technology, new religions, and new cultural innovations that added to the already rich variety of cultures found throughout the Philippine archipelago. They also brought new political systems and modes of production including a feudal organization of society.
AnakBanwa: Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines
"Indigenous People," are people who are the first or original inhabitants of a given region, nation, or country. In the context of the Philippines, the indigenous peoples are the Australo-Melanesian, Austronesian, and Malay inhabitants of the archipelago prior to European colonization.

Malay Peoples
Although Malay and related languages are classified as Ausronesian languages, Malay peoples have a different history of development from the original Oceanic Austronesians.

Ethnic Malays expanded into the Philippine Archipelago from Mainland Southeast Asia and Borneo starting around the middle of the first millenium CE and continued well after the arrival of Europeans.

Brought to you by:
The AnakBayan New York Educational Discussion Committee
(A is for apple. But we do not grow apples in the Philippines.)

What do we mean by "Indigenous People"?

How did they
get there?
Australo-Melanesian Peoples
Starting about 70,000 years ago, people from Eastern Africa began migrating over land bridges eastward towards Asia and Australasia. As time went on and people began to spread out, certain groups reached what is now Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Austronesian Peoples
Starting between 8,000 and 6,000 B.C.E. multiple
migrations from Taiwan took place with Aboriginal Taiwanese people reaching the Philippine and Indonesian archipelagos through the use of outrigger canoes. They would settle and intermingle and mix with the early Australo-Melanesian inhabitants and many of their collective descendants would continue to voyage by canoe to settle Micronesia and Polynesia to the East and Madagascar to the West.

Recap of the origins of Native Filipinos!
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