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No description

Kai Botha

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of BrandWatch

Social Media Monitoring and analytics tool.
Gather, Clean, Analyze, Present Data.
automated/manual categorization capabilities.
Tabs/functions: Marketing Measurement; Competitor Benchmarking; Influencer Indentification & Outreach; Marketing Research; Reputation Management.
PRODUCTS - Analytics, Vizia, API.
What is Brandwatch?
Brandwatch has a RESTful API: allows you to access all your data, metadata and metrics available within Brandwatch Analytics and integrate it into your other business applications or products.
Fully customizable, visualization of online conversations about your brand in real time.
Essentially a show-casing platform/Command and control centre: an aesthetic visualization of data.
monitor the success of your marketing campaigns in real-time
keep track of your brands online presence against your competitors
est a central ‘social hub’ to manage social activities
The customizable displays can be broadcast on any screen, including smartphones/tablets etc and are controlled remotely, allowing you to display your data in multiple locations.
Brandwatch Vizia
Vizia - C&C
The Interface
Seems as though it provides the ability to conduct in-depth filtering
Not sure to what extent one can filter so as to pick up trends/ patterns and create insight; and to what extent these can be automatically visualized.
A trial of the software is needed before this can be deduced.
Objective: monitoring what people say about your brand, products, competitors, industry or related topics
Gathering Data
customizable queries (Boolean search string)
inspect the social web to find the data that you are interested in collecting.
Crawl over 70 million sources (in 27 languages): including blogs, forums, news sites, social networks.
Cleaning Data
DW automatically validates/ clean imported data: removing irrelevant data.
Spam elimination.
Adverts & Navigation text.
Ignores duplicate mentions.
Filter/Analyze Data
Language detection
Date & Time
Geo-Location beyond domain
Sentiment Analysis
Topic/Trend Analysis
Presenting Data
Visualization of data: Flexible/simple default dashboard (customizable?)
All data can be exported: either as a whole set or in separate categories.
Access API (depending on package): useful if you need to integrate BrandWatch data into your own system alongside other metrics/datasets.
Create custom, automated reporting
Build visualizations
Export social data and posts for use internally
Integrate with your internal or other business applications
Build your own applications
BW have also partnered with Gnip to provide full Twitter content through the the API. (access data without the need to switch between data sources)
*NOTE: A basic level of access is provided as standard; more advanced API access with unlimited calls and full Twitter content is priced according to the level of Twitter data retrieved.
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