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Manifest Destiny

No description

Logan Berek

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny
What is Manifest Destiny
A widely held belief in the United States that American settlers were destined to expand throughout the continent
Some supporters of Manifest Destiny were
-John Quincy Adams
-John L. O'Sullivan, a Journalist and an influential advocate for Jacksonian democracy
John L. O'Sullivan
Used "divine destiny" for the United States based upon values such as equality, rights of conscience, and personal enfranchisement "to establish on earth the moral dignity and salvation of man".
Examples of the art
American Progress by John Gast
John's Manifest Destiny
-Annexation of the Republic of Texas
-The Right to the Territory of Oregon
-Belief that the US would expand without help of the Government.
How Manifest Destiny became popular
As a term Manifest Destiny only became popular after being criticized by the Whig party
Themes and Influences
The belief that the US was
-A shining example of the Old World
-An experiment to see if a country with Democratic ideals could survive
-Being helped by God
Expansion of the Borders
During the Era of Continental Expansion
-War of 1812
-All of Oregon
-Mexico and Texas
-All of Mexico (Mexican-American War, added Alta California and Nuevo Mexico)

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