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Road To Chlifa

No description

Mutaz Suleiman

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Road To Chlifa

Nada's Traits
As the final segment of your PPT/Prezi what you think is the predominant theme in the novel and explain your reasoning making specific reference to the novel.
The writer is trying to give many advices about this life. So he talked about his life in Lebanon his home country, then the war took a part of his life. His life was terrible.
The theme is: How did the war effect his life?
Continue ...
Find two other literary devices, how are they used? Why are they important?(show us the actual quote)
Repetition:When Maha said:"Let me go, let me go, let me go!" In P.#116. It's important because it shows how weak is the person in this situation.
Imagery:When The Narrator said:"Her hair so long and thick it was like a veil" In p.#42. When you read this you can imagine how does her hair look like.
Afraid:"'My mother might see us.'"P.#45
Fear:"'Hey! Not another birthday!'"P.#45

Leader:"Do you hear me? right now you're coming with me." P.#116-117
Mad:"'Maha!' Cries Karim. 'Maha!'" P.#115
Impatient:"'No idea' Replies Karim,"P.#110
Confident:"'We won't get lost'" p.#106
Lost:"'Why not?'"p.#51
Characters Analysis:Road To Chlifa
Weak:"'Let me go, let me go, let me go!'"P.#116
Innocent:"'Just think, Gods made love here. It's fabulous...'"P.#112
confident:"'I'm not a little girl!'"P.#69
Lost:"'Promise we'll leave right after?'"P.#71
Confident:"'Don't worry about me. I'm surefooted'"P.#111
Maha's Traits
Find two symbols used in this section.
Goat for Maha in P.#109
Cedars tree for Lebanon in P.#122
Literary Devices
Done By: Mutaz Suleiman
1.Karim's Traits
Explain how symbols that were used?
The Goat was used by Maha because she thinks that the Goat is a symbol of smile and happiness.
The Cedars Tree used to be the country symbol, because it's age-old symbol of this mountainous country.
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