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Street Magic Questions

No description

Alex Turner

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Street Magic Questions

Let's journey on to learn about plot. Street Magic Questions
Street Magic

By Will Eisner Check these questions
now that your done. What is Dialogue? Details about the
setting Setup your table Who are the characters?

Can we add anything to our table?

What do we know so far? What is happening? What can you tell about the setting based on the pictures? Setting - In what kind of neighborhood do Mersh
and his cousin live?

- Summarize the plan that the bullies make up to beat up Mersh.

- What did the author call the immigrants'
survival skills and street magic?

Details about the
plot Details about the
Characters How do you know who's talking?

What do you think the bullies are trying to do?

How do you know that? What does the dialogue amoung the bullies reveal about their personalities?

What details are most important in this story? the words, pictures, or both?
Why do you think that?

Do you think Mersh is a hero? Why or why not.
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