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Digital Signage Content Creation

Best practices and guides for creating great content

Jim Nista

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Digital Signage Content Creation

Digital Signage
Content Creation

presented by Jim Nista
CEO/Creative Director, Insteo
Goals 1st, Tech 2nd
Design matters - don't overwhelm
Great Content Examples
Developing Content
Keeping it Fresh
DIY or Choosing Pros

The 5 Steps of Successful
Digital Signage Projects
What does the client want to achieve?
Reduce perceived wait time
Keep the viewers engaged
Coolness factor
Improve education and product knowledge
Sell more product!
What does the client want their viewers to experience?
Based on the project Goals, the right mix of content will become clear
Video, Graphics, News, Social, Interactive, Touch, Mobile?
You will know what type of content creative shop to hire, or where to source content from
You can begin specifying hardware, software and build a proposal for ongoing updates

Types of Content, and Real World examples are coming up!
Technology needs to match your content and goals

(or, don't buy a touch screen if your project calls for a menu board behind the counter.)

Goals, Content and Technology will help you select the right software, based on client and viewer needs:
Does your project just need to be slide show content?
Does the content need to be client editable?
Do you need interactivity and touch?
What's your update strategy and requirements?
Daily, by the client?
Weekly, Monthly?

Goals trump everything about a project.
Before Content. Before technology.
How do you know what size screen (or screens), what type of content shop to hire, what screen mounting, CMS software, etc. etc. etc. without goals?
Great Content
5 Design Rules for
Amazing Content
regardless of your project.
10 Foot Rule
The 1-2-3
Your audience will remember only 3 things
Choose the order of importance
Lead them through your design
and layout
5 second rule
You have 5 seconds, or less, to capture the attention of your viewer.

This combines with the 1-2-3 to lure in a viewer.

Leading the eye.
Effective Animation leads the eye to what you want the viewer to see.

Preserve Motion and keep animation smooth.

Animate with Purpose!

Keep it Clean
Clean Design balances Form and Function...

...meaning they are equals.

How well do I know Digital
Signage Content?

well... Insteo's won some awards.

Let's get philosophical again.
When Developing Content,
Think of these three guiding principles.
1. Be genuine, legitimate and sincere.
2. Be concise and give the audience something they want, need, or that entertains.
3. Be unique, even if it is not on purpose.

Too often we hear "Content is King"...
...without any guidance on how top firms create great content. Here's our "Top Secret Formula". Don't tell anyone.
Be Relevant.
Provide content that fits your unique audience.
Relevant content is timely, local and one-to-one.
Be engaging.
Create a conversation you audience want to participate in.
Engaging content connects with the viewer on an emotional level.
Be sincere - fake it and the audience will lose touch.
Borrow best practices from static out-of-home and other mediums.
Be interactive.
Make a promise to the audience that you'll reward them for participating.
With DOOH, interactivity should be everywhere.
Adding interactivity isn’t that difficult - nearly everyone has a smartphone.
Don’t make the audience perform acrobatics – make sure it’s easy to interact.
Be inspiring.
Reach out to the audience to get them to want more.
Touch your viewers on an emotional level.
The DOOH industry is ready for a revolution, but it can't happen without true ROI.
Digital Signage can inspire customers in ways other mediums can't, to drive customer behavior change.
Be measurable.
Make your goal an undeniable metric -- conversions, hooks, anything traceable.
Instinct has no place in Marketing and Content Strategy
Conversions is all that matters, not impressions
Use a simple Call to Action with simple ways for the audience to participate
If "Content is King" then "Consistency is Queen"

During the Goal phase, determine how important content updates are!

Include content maintenance in your proposal. It's profitable.

DIY or Outsource.

Please Don't Do This.
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Complex Content is best left to pros!
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