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Austin Mahone Biography

No description

mikayla meloy

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Austin Mahone Biography

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Austin Carter Mahone known for: Looking like Justin Bieber. Doing covers of diffrent songs by a variety of artist. (On Youtube.) Introducing Austin Mahone to new people, of all ages! ~New "teen sensation!"
~Next big thing! Austin Mahone D.O.B April 4,1996 ~ Singing Some of His Favorite Hobbies... ~Playing the Piano ~Drums ~Guitar ~Basketball From: San Antonio, Texas All About Austin! Singer (musician) 5'7 16 years old. Inspirering role model..
Justin Bieber! Favorite color: RED! For the Memorial of Austin, we are going to put Statue of him in San Antoio, Texas where he was born and raised. Austin Carter Mahone Memorial! The statue will conclude of... A short biography about him.
Telling you where he is from, and his career and how he got to be where he is now. People we are trying to reach out to with this Memorial... we are wanting to reach out to all the young adults, and teenagers, and younger children. We want to help him become more known. Also, record producers! Austin Mahone Facts: Austin Carter Mahone. Fact 1. His best friend is Alex Constancio.
They have been bestfriends since the 1st grade, and the fame hasn't come inbetween them. Fact 2. He loves going to the mall with his friends and hanging out and having fun. Fact 3. His youtube videos are more popular than the original Justin Bieber. Fact 4. Discovered on youtube. Fact 5. His first kiss was in the 6th grade. The Favorites.... Favorite song? "One Less Lonely Girl." Favorite Drink? Dr. Pepper. Favorite Actor? Will Ferrell. Favorite artist? Justin Bieber, Drake, & Chris Brown. Favorite Super Hero? Superman. Favorite phone App.? Spy mouse & Djay. Favorite Movie? Step. Brothers. Songs! (He only has 2 of his own.) He does covers of other artist, and their songs. The 2 original songs of his are... '11:11 (Make a wish)' AND " Say Something" Personal life! Moms name is, Michele Mahone. His dad passed away when he was 16 months old. Has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and is right handed. He now lives in Florida with his grandparents and mother. Fans!!! He loves his fans. And is very thankful for all of them. His fans have come up with a group called.. "Mahomies!" PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!
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