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Classification English Project

No description

Ashley Stanfield

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Classification English Project

By: Victoria, Meredith, and Ashley

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
is when we sort things into groups
Class Scheme
The number of groups in a class scheme depends entirely on the basis for establishing the classes in the first place.
Principle of Classification
determines the groups by distinguishing them
Ex: Principle for sorting movies
- Genre (comedy, action- adventure and drama
- Cost (high or low budget films
- Place of Origin- (domestic or foreign)
Classifying Helps...
- create order and make sense of our experiences and surroundings

- see correspondences among like things and distinguish from unlike
Classification can help make a decision or encourage a new perspective
How do writers use classification?
Writers classify to help identify a pattern that might not have been noticed before
3 Steps:

1. Separate things into their elements, using the division and analysis method
2. Isolate the similarities among the elements
3. Group or classify the things based on matching like with like
2 Systems:
Complex Classification- each individual fits firmly into one class because of at least one distinguishing feature shared with all other members but not with people in other classes

Binary or Two- Part Classification- two classes are in opposition of each other. Often, one group has a certain characteristic the other lacks.
Choice of principle depends on your interest
You can emphasize one class over another but the classification has to be complete and consistent
- can't omit class
- can't overlap classes

Developing an Essay
Think of one large class of things whose members you've noticed fall into sub classes.
General subject forms a class in its own right- all members share at least 1 important quality
- look at principle of classification, the qualities that distinguish some members from others
State the principle of classification in a thesis sentence to know where you're going.

- needs to convey a reason for the classification
- no dull categories
Intro- make it clear what situation prompted the essay
Body- arrange classes in order of decrease familiarity or increase importance or size whichever pattern emphasizes and clarifies your scheme
End- restore wholeness of subject
But what do you mean by Deborah Tannen
7 different areas of miscommunication in article
Women: take the other persons feeling into account
Men: maintain the one up position- not appearing one down
Apologies, Criticisms, Thank you's, Fighting, Praise, Complaints, Jokes.

The ways we lie by Stephanie Ericsson
White lie, Facades, Ignoring the Plain facts, Deflecting, Omission, Stereotypes and Clichés, Group think, Out-and-out lies, Dismissal, Delusion.

Show me the money- Walter Mosley
This system proposes a new system for understanding class structure.
Poverty is where people cannot cover the basic necessities in their lives. Wealth is no longer an issue or a question and then there is the middle class( working class and limited privilege)
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