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All Star Cheerleading

No description

Bri Pruitt

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of All Star Cheerleading

All Star Cheer leading
Parts of the routine
The four main parts of the routine are stunting, tumbling, jumping and dancing.
The look
All star cheerleaders have a very dramatic and sassy look usually.
All star cheer leading is related to leadership because you can express yourself and you put out inspiration for others. All star cheer leading is fun, you can express yourself and it's an amazing sport.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Bri Pruitt, P3, GL
What is Allstar Cheerleading?
It is a competitive sport in which you make a 2 minute and 30 second routine including tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance. They are associated with a cheer gym and have practices every week.
Stunting is where 3 people called the bases and back spot lift up the flyer. The flyer can do different things in the air and also do basket tosses; this is just throwing them in the air.
Tumbling is the gymnastics part of cheer and you do flips and twists in the air. Some tricks are double twist full, aerial, back tuck and back handspring.
This is where you jump up and do different sequences of tricks.
This part of the routine usually comes at the end. It's supposed to be sassy and show power.
The hair
The most popular way to wear your hair is in high pony tail, a "poof", straightened or curled hair and teased with a bow. There's also other ways to wear it too.
The makeup
Makeup is usually very heavy and dramatic with lots of sparkle.
They represent the gyms colors and have different designs. It also includes shoes and the bows.
For more information...
At practice, you get to wear your practice gear, have themed practices, work on your routine and condition.
Practice gear
Each team has something called practice gear which has their team logo/name on it. This is so the team can match.
Whenever a cheerleader hears this word, they think death.
Cheer Extreme
Senior Elite
Worlds 2013
Cheer athletics practice gear website:
Some cheer conditioning:
Why do conditioning?
Conditioning helps improve your strength and stamina. Some popular ones are running, reloads, jumps drills and full outs.
Popular conditioning
Some popular conditioning is running, jump drills, bear walks and stunt reruns.
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