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SOS 2011-12

SOS is a great program! Learn what it is all about here!

Peder Hansen

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of SOS 2011-12

What is SOS? Why Should I Join? Do I have to Snowboard? What else is there? SOS is an organization for kids who want to make a difference. It focuses on leadership, learning to Snowboard and Ski in the winter, and the outdoors in the summer. SOS focuses on friendship, group activities, and learning through fun and commitment. You will also learn about important words that will effect your life like wisdom, compassion, courage, discipline, and integrity. Yes, SOS at Frisco Elementary is only for those who want to learn to snowboard. If you want to learn to Ski, you can talk to Mr. Hansen and he can set you up with another group that you can learn to ski with. SOS is a great opportunity to learn to snowboard or ski, it is also a great opportunity to meet new friends, have great new experiences, and help your community. If you graduate LTR and continue with the SOS program, you will continue to learn to ski and board. You will also get the chance to be a part of great community service programs and become a part of a team that goes camping, teaches wilderness skills, and much more . Join SOS! It will Change your life! I'm In! How can I Join? Mr. Hansen is the Frisco coordinator for SOS. If you are interested in joining, you will have to get in touch with him fast because there are only 25 spots open for all 3rd, 4th , and 5th graders. You will also need to come to the Registration night on the last Wednesday night of the month (That's the 26th of October) Pick up a flyer and tell your parents to visit my website for all the information. If there are more than 25 students who want to join, they will need teacher recommendations to get into the program. What will we do in a day? You get to hang out with friends, have fun, and learn to snowboard for 5 full Sundays. Every day will start out with our word of the day. That word will be our focus as we learn to snowboard. We will help each other learn to use those words and how they play a part in our lives. Is SOS expensive to join? The Learn to Ride program from SOS is only $85 for 5 full days ( 8:00- 3:30) of learning and fun at Breckenridge Resort. This also includes your lift tickets, rentals, professional instruction. Logistics Each day, your child will need to be at the base of Peak 9 by 8 o'clock. We will provide all rental equiptment, helmets and staff, your child just needs to bring a lunch ( or money) and their snow equiptment. IF they are missing any snow clothing, it can be borrowed from SOS. Pick up time every day will be at 3:30 to help kids pack up and complete the end of the day activities. It is essential that children attend all 5 days to graduate and get the full impact of the program

If your child misses a day because they are sick, we just ask that they provide a note from the parents and we would love to have them back the next week. Inspiring youth to make positive decisions for successful lives. (Boring Stuff for the Parents :) 2011 Dates DECEMBER 4, 11, 18
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