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Rizal in Japan

No description

Chrisnha Canlas

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Rizal in Japan

Rizal in Japan
One of the happiest interludes in the life of Rizal was his sojourn in the Land of the Cherry Blossoms for one month and a half.
Rizal arrives at Yokohama
- Feb. 28, 1888
- Registered at the Grand Hotel
4 March 1888

He wrote Blumentritt about the
of the Japanese people. However, he also expressed his disgust on the use of the man drawn
1. Beauty of Japan - it's flowers, mountains,
streams, and scenic panoramas.
2. Cleanliness, politeness of the Japanese people.
3. charm of the Japanese women.
4. Few thieves in Japan
5. Beggars were rarely seen in the streets
MARCH 1, 1888

He checked out of the
Grand Hotel and entrained
for Tokyo and there lodged
at the Tokyo Hotel.

Impressed by the city of Tokyo, he wrote to Blumentritt:

''Tokyo is more extensive than
Paris.The walls are built in
cyclopean manner.The streets
are large and wide"
- Visited by Juan Perez Caballero, Secretary of the Spanish Legation
Rizal in Tokyo
"A young, fine, and excellent
writer and an able diplomat
whoo had traveled much"
Accepted invitation
for two reasons:

1. he could economize his living expenses by staying at the legation

2. he had nothing to hide from the prying eyes of the Spanish Authorities
7 March 1888

Rizal checked out of Tokyo Hotel and moved to the Spanish Legation where he was offered free board and lodging.
He became good friend with Caballero
Was also embarrassed for he do not know how to speak Japanese language.
In his letter to Blumentritt:

"Here you have my friend, Rizal the wonder of Japanese, who has the face of a Japanese but does not speak Japanese."
Rizal and the Tokyo Musicians
However, there is one thing which he did not like in Japan:

The popular mode of transportation by
means of rickshaws drawn by men.
Romance with O-Sei-San
March 15, 1888
One spring afternoon, Rizal saw a pretty Japanese girl
Craved to meet her - but how?
- Made inquiries
- Approached O-Sei-San

- Regal loveliness and charm

- Beauty, charm, modesty, and intelligence

- Her heart palpitated with joys to see a man of gallantry, dignity, courtesy, and versatile talents
Rizal fell greatly in love with O-Sei-San that he was tempted to leave the Philippines and settle in Japan.

It ended 45 days of his unforgettable stay in Japan and his relationship with O-Sei-San.

Rizal on O-Sei-San
On the eve of his departure, he wrote in his diary:

"Japan has enchanted me. O-Sei-San, Sayonara, Sayonara!

"To think that I am leaving this life for the uncertain, the unknown. There I was offered an easy way to live, beloved and esteemed."

"No woman, like you, has ever loved me."
7 April 1888
Rizal wrote his family and envisioned that in the future the Philippines would have more contact and relations with Japan.
Sayonara, Japan
April 13, 1888, Rizal boarded the Belgic
O-Sei-San After Rizal's Departure
Broken-hearted, O-Sei-San mourned for a long time to the loss of her lover.

Became resigned to her fate, cherishing unto death the nostalgic memories of her romance with Rizal
1897, she married Mr. Alfred Charlton;
died on Nov. 2, 1915

Mrs. Charlton survived World

II but her home
was destroyed in 1944 by
the U.S. bombing of
In the ship Belgic
He met:

Tetcho Suehiro
- A fighting Japanese journalist, novelist, and champion of human rights
Semi-Filipino family

Mr. Reinaldo Turner
and his wife
Emma Jackson
, their children and maid from Pangasinan
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