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Social Media

No description

Jessica Barnes

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media is a way for people to communicate online.

There has been a dramatic increase in it's use over the past 10 years.

Millions of people use it to share pictures, opinions, news articles and video's.

Millions of companies use it to communicate with their Stakeholders and create brand identities.

Social Media include blogs, Forums, Social Networking sites and comments on different pages.

What is Social Media?
What are the most popular sites?
Social Media
Individual Pro's
Social Media
A brief guide on why we use Social Media
Socail media
The social media environment is growing and ever changing.

Individuals and companies need to be active on these sites in order to gain benefits from it.

Social networking can help you connect instantly with millions of people for very low cost.

There are many different sites that host different sizes and types of communities.

Businesses that do not feature on social media sites can seem very out-of-date.
900 Million estimated monthly visitors
310 Million estimated monthly visitors
Linked In
255 Million estimated monthly visitors
100 Million estimated monthly visitors
Face-to-face communications are endangered


Cyberbullying and crimes against children.

Worldwide connectivity

Real-time information sharing via chats

Commonality of interests

Increased news-cycle speed
Individual Con's
Business Pro's
Need to ensure SM has a clear marketing strategy.

Additional resources to manage online presence.

Need to actively manage your social media presence on a daily basis to see benefits.

potential to attract risks
Reduced marketing costs

Increased traffic to your website & improved ranking on search engines

Greater customer engagement

Customer feedback
Business Con's
Facebook - For Business Use
Time and resources - commitment

Seamless content is necessary

Bad reviews or complaints
Custom page design

Users can like, comment and share your products

Analytics can be used to monitor traffic to your page.
Facebook - For Personal Use
Idealistic view of people's lives

Things can be taken the wrong way

Wasted time
It's helpful in documenting your life


Features: Events, Groups, Messenger
LinkedIn - For Personal Use
Useful networking tool

Keeping in contact with people from school/ college/university

Job hunting
Privacy issues - anyone can see your profile
LinkedIn - For Business Use
Twitter - For Personal Use
Twitter limits posts to 140 characters so in-depth communication is limited

Fake followers

Addictive - time wasting.
A powerful tool for obtaining news

Quick answers

Keep up-to-date with things that interest you

Making complaints
Twitter - For Business Use
Access to a large market of potential employees.

Ability to send direct messages to potential employees.

Advertising the company to a large audience.

Viewing the connections and contacts of others.
Instagram - For Personal Use
Instagram - For Business Use
Content can be driven down very quickly in consumers feeds which makes organic growth difficult.

Younger users

If you do not have compelling visual content then Instagram may not be appropriate.
Live information can be sent to your followers

Tweets are sent to all followers and not selected few.

Trending topics

Access to a very large number of people
People may not actually see your tweets if they have a lot of followers

Twitter isn't ideal for visual content
Requires time investment

Not all users are active.
Creative photography outlet

Personal branding tool
Idealistic view of others lives

Promotes vanity and jealousy
Creative method of advertising businesses - links to website

Can be intertwined with other social medium for more advanced presence.
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