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Copy of Vacation

No description

Sebastian Quinones

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Vacation

My International
Virtual Vacation Day 2: Milan, Italy Day 1: Milan, Italy Day 3: Milan, Italy Things to Pack Passport BiCE Day 5: Sydney Australia I spent: 2,859 Money Left: 3,441 Date; June 13-17 2013
$45-$100 Clothes
Wallet (Money & Debit Cards
Cellphone & Charger
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses
Medical Insurance Cards
Prescriptions & Medications
Tickets & Reservation Confirmations
Guidebooks, Maps & Directions
Camera & Accesories
Laptop, Cord and Battery
Ipod & Headphones
Toiletries ( Comb, Sunscreen, etc.)
Portable First Aid Kit
House Keys Flight Airline: Iberia
Stops: 2
-Miami, FL
-Madrid, ES
Departure: 18:25 MCO
Arrival: 21:05 LIN
Price: 880$ Restaurant Hotel: Chateau Monfort $600 Per Night Complimentary Airport
Taxi Service Transportation: bike Mi About $5 a day Sights Free Admission
9:30- 10:30 Meals: Breakfast 8AM-9AM
$30-$50 Lunch 1PM-3PM
$30-$50 Dinner 8PM-9PM
$100-$200 Duomo (Cathedral of Milan) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 10:45- 12:00 La Scala Opera House & Museum Symphonic Concert
Tickets: $100
4PM-7PM Flight: Airline: Ethiad
Stops: 1
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Departure: 21: 55
Arrival: 6:25
Cost: $650 Breakfast: 10:30 AM-11:30 AM
Cost: $20-$30 Caffe Cova Lunch: 3PM-4PM
Cost: $10-$20 Brek Sights: Basilica Sant' Ambrogio 12PM- 2PM Hotel Checkout Transportation: $70- $100 Taxi Milan Day 4 Flight Time: 1 day Hotel: Stamford Sydney
Airport Hotel Cost per night:
$300- $400 Walking distance
from Airport Sights: Transportation: Free Shuttle Meals: Breakfast: Lunch: Circular Quay 11AM-2 PM Oxford Street 5PM - 7 PM Dinner: The Basement $40-$50 Three Blue Ducks $20-$30 $10- $20 10 AM-11 AM 3PM-5PM 8PM- 10PM Day 6: Sydney, Australia Meals: Breakfast Lunch $20-$30 Cornersmith Fratteli Paradiso $20-$30 Dinner Sights: 11AM-1PM Admission: $22 10AM-11AM 2PM-3PM Surry Hills 4 PM- 6PM Arias $100-$200 7PM-9PM Transportation All-Day Bus Pass $5 Sydney Bus System Day 7: Johannesburg, South Africa Flight Airline: South African Airways
Stops: None
Departure: 9:55
Arrival: 16:15
Cost: $1,500 Hilton Sandton Johannesburg Hotel $137 per night Transportation Dinner: Cafe Del Sol $30-$50
7PM - 8PM Day 8: Johannesburg, South Africa Transportation Gautrain $5 Per Day Meals Breakfast Lunch Dinner $10-$20
9AM - 10AM 2PM - 3PM
$20-$30 Sights 11AM-1PM
$10 The Lucky Bean $30 - $50
6PM - 8PM $10 Admission Fee
3PM - 5PM Hotel Checkout Day 9: Madagascar Flight Airline: South African Airways
Stops: None
Departure: 10AM
Arrival: 2:10 PM
Price: $480 Meals Dinner Cafe De La Gare 5PM-7PM
$10-$20 Transportation: Madarail Free Hotel Hotel Tamboho $312 Per Night Day 10: Antananarivo, Madagascar Sights 11AM - 2 PM
$50 Breakfast Meals Hotel Tamboho Restaurant Price Included in
lodging cost
9AM - 10AM Lunch
3PM-4PM Dinner KU DE TA 5PM - 7 PM
$50 - $60 Abrohimanga 8PM - 9PM
$20 - $30 3PM - 4PM
$20 - $30 Day 11: Antananarivo, Madagascar Flight Airline: South Sfrican Airways & British Airways
Stops: 2
-Johannesburg, South Africa
-London Heathrow, United Kingdom
Arrival: 18:40 (Next Day)
Price: $2,550 Day 13: Vancouver, Canada Sights: Breakfast: Meals Hotel Tamboho 10AM-11AM 12PM - 1PM Open-Air Markets Day 12: Vancouver, Canada 8PM - 9PM Transportation Meals Dinner: Hotel The Sutton Place $5 Per Ride Canada Line $182 Per Night $30 - $50 Sights Orpheum Theatre 4PM - 7PM
Tickets $100 Meals Breakfast Lunch Dinner 8PM - 9PM
$20 - $30 $10 - $20
2PM - 3PM $15 - $20
10AM - 11AM 12PM - 1PM Stanley Park Granville Island 4PM - 7PM Fill out Passport form
Submit a form of U.S. citizenship
Full transcript