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Role of Women in the 16th Century

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Serena Rawn

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Role of Women in the 16th Century

The Role of Women in 16th Century England Serena Rawn, Jordan Hamilton Common thought was that women had no right to education or gain the ability to speak publicly

Women's main role was to raise the children as well as take care of her husband and the home

Arranged marriages were very common especially among the rich

Girls could marry at age 12

Women were expected to have a child roughly every year or every other year depending on their social class

Women lost control of their life once they were married

Divorce was never heard of in these times

Women were not allowed to vote Background Women married to the king could only become ruler of the country if her husband died

Even if a women's husband died if she had any sons they would gain power over her

If a woman remarried, after her first husband died, he would gain all of her money and if she had power (i.e., queen) it would be lost Women Gaining Power There were not many professions open to women

Mostly men would work and women would stay home and take care of their families

Lawyer, doctor, and teaching jobs were firmly closed to women

Jobs that women were allowed to do would be tailors, milliners, dyers, shoemakers, servants, nannies and embroiderers

Most common type of work for a woman was a housewife Women's Jobs Many housewives would have to bake bread for the family, as well as make beer to brew (they could not drink water as it was not safe)

Housewives would have to create preservatives for the food as they had no way of cooling the food

If they live in the country the women would be responsible for making candles and soap for her family

Housewives were expected to have knowledge of medicine to treat her families illnesses, if she did not have this knowledge they would go and see a wise woman, as many people could not afford a real doctor

Housewives would also be responsible for cooking and cleaning Tasks for a Housewife
A farmer or merchant's wife, would have more responsibilities then an average housewife

Wife of a Farmer

Milking cows, fed livestock, grew herbs and vegetables

Wife of a Merchant

If her husband was away from the store she took care of the business and accounts

In the husband's will he would usually leave the business to his wife Farmer/ Merchant Wife's Jobs Women had no rights and had almost no chance at having an influential position

Women would loose all control of their lives once they got married; if their husband died and they had a son, he would take over the family the wife/ mother would lose all power to her son

Women were not able to voice their opinion and lived in the shadow of men in general

The role of women was very hard in the 16th century England In Conclusion
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