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How to Make a Prezi Board for a Board Game

A tutorial to Prezi in general, and specifically for using it for making a board game.

Matthew Zollinger

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of How to Make a Prezi Board for a Board Game

How to Make a Prezi Board for a Board Game First, you need a template.
This one, "The Journey," is what I used because of its fairly straightforward motion. You may have noticed that I was bouncing all around the area of the Prezi these last few frames. It's fairly simple to control the path of your Prezi, but you've gotta know how to do it first. Next up is the path. Well, there are a few more cool things you can do to make your board game shine. Still there? With these tools, you can build a decent Prezi board for a board game. And what do you know? It's also a decent tutorial for Prezi in general (if I do say so myself).
I'm 94.2% certain that if you follow these tips, you can look at your Prezi and honestly say that... Well, that's all I can say. YOU WIN! So, you want to make a Prezi board game, eh? Next, you need spaces. Use the "Frames and Arrows" tab up there to make shapes, like the circle you see around these footprints. START Drag them around something, and... BAM! You have a space. Next, you need pieces. But wait! You can't use any on a Prezi. Instead, you'll need some sort of mechanism to keep track of where everyone is on the board. This is where inputting text comes into play. 1 2 3 4 You may have noticed a few purple numbers by each "space" in this Prezi. I'd recommend numbering each space and keeping track of which space each person is on. But how do you put in text, exactly? Simply double-click when no other option is selected. A text input box will appear that lets you type in stuff like this sentence. You can switch colors, font styles, and other stuff here. You're on your way to becoming a Prezi board game maker! Q: Wait a minute...how did you change the font size in that last frame?
A: See that little dot in the bottom right hand corner of the text input box? Drag it back and forth to edit the text size. You can also use the bar right above it to expand or compress the text area. 5 6 7 8 To find a new spot to put a frame, first, zoom out or in (you can do this by scrolling or clicking the buttons on the right side of the screen). Put down your frame where you want it. It will normally go straight to the end of a Prezi. Click and drag the image of the frame after it appears on the bar to your left to where you want it to be in your path. 9 Alternatively, you can click the "Edit Path" button on the left to see where your Prezi will jump around to. From there, you can drag any set destination to any other point or object on the board. This can be useful for those times when you want to mess with people by making the board overly confusing. (Which, by the way, is the sole reason I made my path so confusing.) 10 11 Insert:
You can insert diagrams, files, YouTube videos, and even background music by clicking the "Insert" tab above (right next to the "Frames & Arrows" tab). 12 13 Template: Edit your template, its theme, and its theme colors. These can add a bit more personality to your game. For example, this isn't the default theme for "The Journey," but I changed it in the "Template" menu (right next to "Insert"). 14 15
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