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Copy of Where the Red Fern Grows

No description

Brenda Jones

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Where the Red Fern Grows

Language Journal Entry Thank you for your attention! Compares 2 very different things, but uses a word of comparison, such as:

For example: She bounced like popcorn popping. Directly compares 2 very different things.

For example: She is the shining star of the school. Gives human or living characteristics to something that is not human or is not alive.

For example: And the dish ran away with spoon. Simile Metaphor Personification Is not literally true, it compares one thing to something very different. Figurative Language The repetition of the same initial letter, sound, or group of sounds in a series of words.

For example: Sally sold seashells by the seashore. Alliteration The use of a word whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning.

For example: Pow! Boom! Crash! Quack! Onomatopoeia An exaggeration or overstated language
not to be taken literally.

For example: My books weigh a ton. I've told Brady a million times to clean his room. Hyperbole is an expression unique to language. Idioms mean
something different from what they say.

For example: I'm head over heels for idioms. Idioms Now identify the figurative language
in the book Where the Red Fern Grows.
1.Write the sentence down word for word.
2. Identify what it is : metaphor, simile, idiom, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, hyperbole
3. Tell me why the author chose
to use this type of language in this story.
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