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jade water in egypt


jade taraboulsi

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of jade water in egypt

How can we help the water of the country become cleaner or make it cleaner. We have to stop throwing industrial trash and trash like cans, plastic, paper and glases summary
Cairo with 13 million people is the largest city in the Middle East region. Cairo has a rapid population growth. Cairo's surrounding regions are burdened with heavy waste water discharges and increasing water demand. How we can help
We can help

by not polluting or other ways such as pick up trash or clean out the nile with clensers, We can help in all these ways but we dont because we dont know how, but all we have to do is take small steps. How we can stop pollutting Egypts nile Studies say that the polluting is caused by dumping and water leaking into the nile. Also that the nile
could be poisinous
when drinking because
of all the bacteria. Being a highly urbanized region, the Nile river has its share of industry, and with that industrial pollution. There are about 700 industrial facilities along the river (Ezzat et al., 2002). Industrial wastewater is often highly toxic, containing heavy metals that can combine with the suspended solids in domestic wastewater to form hard to manage sludge If the nile supports 10 countries
and supports 97 % of the water
in egypt what will happen when
we pollute it what will happen
when we destroy other species
habitat, Will there be any safe water
to drink or will be pollute it to the
point of almost toxic. in this picture it shows nile boats. Nile pollution Watch Not only the people but the fish are getting
harmed by the heavy metals from all of the factories
also the factories dumb waste everyday into the nile
and of cousre that would affect fish and the people who fish people that
swim or have to do with the nile and we are putting all these things
in risk and the only way to end this is one simple solution, Just stop by,Kielan and jade
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