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Gays and Adoption

No description

Aslynn Cummings

on 2 December 2011

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Transcript of Gays and Adoption

Gays and Adoption There are over 129,000 children the forster care system, thats 129,000 children that need a loving home. Foster Care System Comparative studies Florida is the only state with an outright ban against gays adopting, but other states such as Mississpi, Arkansas, and Utah don't let unmarried couples adopt. Why wouldn't we let gays adopt? Some people think that gay people don't offer the same quality homes as straight people do. They think it could cause problems such as: Abuse Teasing and Bullying Divorce or break-ups Approximately 1 out of every 58 kids is abused. So these can't be stigmatized as "gay" problems Most people have teased or bullied in their life for one reason or another Most people know someone who has been divorced, or have been through a divorce themselves Thats more than the number of kids being raised by same-sex couples. What is a Comparative study? It's a study that compares two groups of people on the same qualities In this case qualities include: Personality Peer-group relationships Behavioral difficulties Self-esteem Acedemic success Family relationships Who runs these studies? Doctors and professors at universities People such as this lady, Dr. Ellen C. Perrin She's a pediatric doctor Generally studies are run by This is Susan Golombok PhD. She's done numerous studies on children raised by lesbian mothers over the past 15 years “Studies done by Golombok and her colleagues in the last 15 years, for example, are carefully designed, using well-respected measurement and statistical strategies and several appropriately matched comparison groups. What is most impressive is that whatever samples are studied, whatever outcomes are measured and whatever research strategies are employed, the results repeatedly are very similar: No study has demonstrated any risk whatsoever to children as a result of growing up in a family with one or more gay parents.” (Perrin) Critics say that these studies are unreliable since they lack a proper sample size, which mean they don't involve enough people to be acurate. They also say that the studies don't use standardised measurments so it's hard to tell exactly how conclusive they are. A study done by the University of Virginia and the University of Arizona drew from a large sample group of 44 families from different demographics, including variables such as where they live and different income levels These are only two examples Florida State Sen. Nan Rich claims “Not a single credible academic study supports the notion that same-sex couples should be excluded from adopting.” So after all these studies So why is this claim wrong? Like for instance comparing children with lesbian mothers to children with hetersexual parents. studies that conclusively show that there is no difference between the parenting of homosexuals and heterosexuals lets look at the foster care system. Kids are supposed to be placed in a permanent home within a year of entering the foster care system. Here's some facts: But here's how it really works: In the state of Florida alone there are over 1,000 children who have been in the system for over four years! With all these kids in need of a home, it's wrong to bar potential parents based on sexual orientation. “Making children who have already endured abuse or neglect and the trauma of being removed from their homes wait any longer than necessary [to be adopted] is cruel and unconscionable.” says Florida state senator Nan Rich Mark Gill and his partner agreed to take in brothers, one was four and the other was still an infant, that were abused and were emotionally and physically damaged from it, they even had scalp ringworm. Scalp ringworm Four years later the boys are thriving and Gill and his partner want to adopt them. Too bad Florida doesn't allow gay people to adopt, now they'll have to go back to the foster care system where the brothers will most likely be seperated. So lets end with a word from Stephen Colbert Gays adopting are at the bottom of his threat down, other "threats" include:
Jews (who are a threat to other Jews)
and of course the ever scary: roomates http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/59475/february-22-2006/threatdown---gay-adoption Here's a story form Steve Chapman's aticle "Gay Adoption:the Real Agenda" Benedict Carey talks about another study in his article for the New York Times: So after seeing some examples of According to about.com of their parents and she's a professor at London University
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