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Scale 11X

No description

Bob Reselman

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Scale 11X

Who am I? What's the deal? Where we sit Where am I? How to Make Technical
Documentation Work in
Your Organization Go ask Walt We're not 6 people in a garage
Nobody is gonna die
We're taking some money
We sorta get audited once in a while
We've been in business a while, but we've been more concerned with paying the bills and making a buck then anything else We're going to take about 50 minutes to talk about ideas to make better technical documentation and better technical documentation infrastructures And provide some takeaways you can use! porn DOD Getting to know you I depend on good documentation to get my job done I can find what I need, when I need it I contribute documentation regularly Supporting a technical documentation infrastructure seems to be important to my organization How people really approach documentation You get TODAY and EVERYTHING ELSE

--MAKE SEARCH WORK!-- Takeaway #3 Get a LIBRARIAN Takeaway #2
1. Dry sucks
2. Before you start, be clear about what you want your reader to do after you end
3. Write to a well formed outline, always
4. Avoid ambiguous pronouns
5. Pictures come first
6. When dealing with concepts: examples, examples, examples
7. Embrace revision Follow the The 7 Rules var obj = {
offsetX: 6px,
offsetY: 8px,
render: function(){
return "I am so the man!";
} Excuse me, can I have 5 minutes of your time? Takeaway #4 = Takeaway #1 Don't put it anywhere,
Put it somewhere So many questions,
So little time.... Takeaway #6 Get an EDITOR Takeaway #5 Automagic works! TAGS!!! Takeaway 1: Don't put it anywhere, put it somewhere
Takeaway 2: Make search work, TAGS!!!
Takeaway 3: Get a librarian
Takeaway 4: Get an Editor
Takeaway 5: Automagic Works
Takeaway 6: Follow the 7 Rules contact me:
on facebook too!
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