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Web 2.0 Smilebox

This Prezi presentation is about Web 2.0 technology in reference to Hallmark’s “Smilebox”. It relates to the intellectual property and privacy rights in relation to “Smilebox”.

Kathy Nye

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Web 2.0 Smilebox

Web 2.0 Technology
Hallmark’s “Smilebox” Create and Share Pick your design Upload photos from your files Preview Send email Scrapbooking
Photos Albums Greetings Using "Smilebox"
Pros and Cons
Advantages and Disadvantages Any person with a PC
can use Smilebox Invitations Slideshows Drag and Drop Photos and/or movies Free - shown with ads
Fee - shown without Ads
Cannot control speed of slideshow on some designs
Music is older because of copyright issues.
No choice of font or size.
You control who sees the Smilebox Private emails = privacy Facebook = lose privacy Easy to use
Uses drop and drag
Music copyright protected if you use their music
Over 300 design templates
Have control over your intellectual property
You control to allow photos to be copied or not
http://www.smilebox.com/ To start your Smilebox click on the link Smilebox does not make use of creations without explicit consent from the creator. Smilebox would not assume ownership to a creation that you made. Smilebox owns the artwork in the design,
but the creation, itself, with your own photos,
is yours. If you choose to publish your Smilebox creation to your blog, Facebook®, or MySpace® then your creation can be viewed in your blog or on your page by anyone who knows the Web address or is listed as a friend.

Your recipient can view your creation "played" in their browser and can save the photos to their computer. If you want to turn that option off, you can do so by setting that option on your account information page . Photos are not online and they are only viewed by recipients of your creation.
Used for educational purposes in school
Smilebox has a program for teachers.
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