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Louise Nevelson

Art 2 Scultpural project

christy steagall

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Louise Nevelson

Double click anywhere & add an idea
She used 3-D and 2-D objects combined
Overlapping and Layering
Additive Relief
To add pieces
and parts to create
a scultpure
Space divided
Unity,Variety, and Balance!
Most important American Sculptor
Born in Russia moved to Maine when she was five years old
As a child she began assembling wood scraps from her father's contracting business
She studied in New York, NewYork and Paris, France
She began making paintings and sculptures, but eventually concentrated on sculptures
1950's she became
popular and before
her death she received more public commissions than any other living sculptor
Louise Nevelson
Our Version:
1. Find a variety of recycled and small materials to use within our assemblages. Examples: Clothespins, small toys, plastic caps,Popsicle sticks, beads, egg cartons, etc...These objects need to have a variety of sizes and textures!
2. Even share with a friend :)
3. Begin placing items to create a sense of unity and BALANCE.
4. Teacher check, then glue. Use white glue most of the time and for some objects we will need to use hot glue...safety first!
5. We will pick one color of paint to paint the ENTIRE piece...no original color will be seen. This will give your piece harmony :)
5. Here are some examples....
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