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IT in Disneyland

Information Systems for Management

K Calvo

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of IT in Disneyland

Takes digital pictures and
transports them through wireless for review and purchase on the Internet. PHOTOPASS The official app of Disney parks -Attractions wait time
-GPS-enabled park maps
-Dining guide and reservations
Leveraging technology to establish “real time” personal relationships with guests. Roger Barry (CIO) When economic times are good, demand for IT goes up...
when economic times are bad, demand for IT goes up! More than 100 technological patents have been perfected for the Disney Parks!! Wealth of consumer trend information that will provide significant business insight opportunities Enhance guest service and ultimately, guest experience IT trends in Disney Parks Mobile
communications data analytics (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Revenues and Costs $8,404 $2,357 MET-CS382 Information Technology a way of thinking, acting, and doing business in an environmentally conscientious way HOW DISNEY SAVES ENERGY
(Hint: It’s Not Magic) in UNDERGROUND TUNNELS
A whole community! in Disney Parks ... small Energy Management Program Information Technology in Disney parks Francisca Calvo Beatriz Diez Miriam Gallardo Julia Sedano 1st STOP: Main Street U.S.A Indtroduction 2nd STOP: Frontierland 3rd STOP: Adventureland 4th STOP: Discoveryland Last STOP: Fantasyland 2.1. Magic Band
2.2. Fast Pass
2.3. World of Colors Show 3.1. Mobile Magic
3.2. Photo Pass
3.3. Underground Tunnels 4.1. Google Earth 3D
4.2. Energy System Management Conclusions &
Recommendations Due to difficulties in excavation process, built in the 1st Floor.
8 million tonnes of earth were moved WORLD OF COLORS TECH. 1. Biggest show control systems ever built 2. Specially LEDs in almost 1,200 fountains 3. 380-foot wide water screen 4. 28 projectors (14 submersible) 5. Fountain table > than a football field in length 6. 3 submersible electrical rooms 7. 75 miles of cable Walt Disney World's Energy Star costs and savings results Energy Star buildings program -FCC approval


-RFDI (Radio Frequency IDentification)

-2.4 GHz

-Water proof

-Over molded

-Disposable Fast Pass M

t RFDI Technology Surprise Fastpass for Space Mountain? Magic Band Why the $2 Billion investment? Francisca Calvo Mota de Campos
Beatriz Diez Diaz
Miriam Gallardo Fernandez
Julia Sedano Lopez Smile! DISNEY PARKS IN EVERY COMPUTER A system that transports waste at high speed through underground tunnels to a collection station where it is compacted and sealed in containers. When the container is full, it is transported away and emptied. Disney 3D Personalization "imagineer" a visit to the place where dreams come true Gain more in-depth business insights to capitalize on emerging consumer trends and service needs Identify opportunities -New technology platform to take digital pictures, and transport them wirelessly for review and purchase on the Internet.

-Customize photos and create a Photo-Book
-Shop and buy the pictures when you get home. IT PHILOSOPHY: Imageneering Need of connecting existing systems and technologies across all major business areas. Destination Disney
Magic your way Magical Express
Photo Pass
Mobile Magic Energy Management System (EMS)
Energy Information System (EIS)
Disney Staff ("Cast Members") 2000 New
strategy RESULTS Parks around the World Other cost-effective energy-saving projects: Optimizing compressed-air-system controls
Upgrading hot-water-boiler controls
Retrofitting variable-speed-drives into air, pumping, and chilled-water systems
Retrofitting demand-controlled ventilation into convention-center spaces
Upgrading and integrating energy-management-systems (EMS), including networking one EMS vendor’s stand-alone EMS to centralized network-based servers.
Installing utility-submetering systems in areas operated by non-Disney companies working in Disney facilities for utility cost recovery purposes. Optimizing hvac control system time/set point schedules
Looking for and repairing controls that have failed, including control valves, dampers, and sensors
Measuring utility consumption, tracking monthly utility bills, and publishing the data on the corporate Intranet for easy access
Understanding and devising the best energy management system control strategies. Ralph Covino, Ph.D. PARKS' REVENUE 2010 2011 $2,495 $9,302 PARKS' COSTS 70% Operating costs IT expenses? But... Return on Invested Capital = 10% DACS SYSTEM
Controls everything! BIBLIOGRAPHY Make sure Audio-Animatronics are on cue in the attractions. > 72,000 functions/second!

Open stage doors, curtains and park lighting.

Monitor fire protection, equipment failure.

Watch for power losses anywhere in the park. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2012/08/walt-disney-world-launches-my-disney-experience-app-offering-wait-times-dining-reservations-future-
http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/08/imagineers-use-innovative-technology-to-build-new-fantasyland/ Let photographers capture all your fun in Disney Parks http://hpac.com/bas-controls/disney_saves_energy/
1. Never see a cowboy out of place in Tomorrow Land
2. Never see a delivery truck in Magic Kingdom
3. The Digital Animation Control System
4. The AVAC (Centralized Waste Management) AVAC System Shop Select you Disney photos and relieve your vacation memories Add magic with Disney graphics and borders View
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