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Guinness Facebook Conversations


Blake Cuthbert

on 28 February 2010

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Transcript of Guinness Facebook Conversations

History The Brand If Guinness were a Celebrity
who would they be? Which is your favourite ever
Guinness Ad? Make your own
Guinness Ad Which is the best
genericized brands?
St James's Gate & The Storehouse Myth Busting Guinness Facebook
Conversation Pure Adorer Pleasure
We want to make sure that
we are conversing on a level
which talks to a a wide section
of a Guinness fan through the
4 A's. However, there are many
interesting facts which the core
adorer will love to know. There are many myths around Guinness
mainly with regards to the product.
Is it really that calohorific? I heard it was
made with cream....
I heard that Guinness always tastes
better in Ireland.... What colour is
the black stuff? sdflghsdjklhsrjl
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