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02.03 Ancient Civilizations: Middle East

By:Katie Gromer Period 0 9-19-12 Mr.Taylor

Katie Gromer

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of 02.03 Ancient Civilizations: Middle East

These people made the 22-letter phonetic alphabet.
Each letter had corresponding sound.This lead to the current day alphabet. Phoenicians They also invented clear glass.
They made it out of sand. They always had projects going.
They built things like Temple at Mariah. Hebrews A main King that they had was King David. He expanded the borders of Egypt through all of Palestine and Syria and as far as eastward as the Euphrates Valley. The People in each of these city-states were very well-organized.
They had a very highly developed court system. The court stems were well organized too. Babylonians One of the greatest rulers was Hammurabi. He developed the Hammurabi's code. And of course he named it after himself.
These people were very bright. They built new roads.
So each provinces paid higher taxes. They also had a very strong military. Persians You have always heard of "Alexandria The Great". Well this is were he comes in. Why was he so great? Well, he conquered Turkey and Egypt. These people are known for building large buildings.
One of these buildings is a famous library. Assyrians They also had an adopted religion. The religion they adopted was from the Babylonians. Ancient Civilizations By:Katie Gromer
Period 0
Mr. Taylor
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