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Letty Loeza

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Housing

Final Evaluation
Communities thrive around business, and with people comes houses. While housing is widely available around the world, there are places where shelter is scarce, making life harder on the people of that region. People in third world countries don't have the money or resources to acquire proper housing. Without shelter many people struggle to stay alive
State of Housing
Availability and Sustainability
Community Usage
Socialist Society
Housing can be affected
by many things. The state
of the housing mainly depends
on someone's own wealth as
well as the wealth the community.
Housing availability depends on the type of community itself. Although housing is widely available in many places , like most other things, the quality of housing depends on the money one has to offer and the money of the community. However, there are many people who are not able to afford the good home (or a home at all) due to their economic issues
The community is involved in housing usage. Besides for economic reasons, citizens will most likely buy a house depending on the behaviors that take place in or around the community. The quality of the house also depends on the community. After all, the community is responsible for the money being inputted into the making of the house.
Ways Used
By means of socialism, housing usage will be very different. Everybody will have equal housing quality within the community since it will be controlled by the community as a whole.
Housing is necessary in all types of societies, which includes a Socialist society. People use housing mainly as shelter, obviously. It is essential to stay healthy and to keep out of danger
Housing is a vital item in order to be healthy. No one is able to maintain a healthy life style without it. Housing is able to protect from dangerous weather, such as this weather that we are having now . Also, with housing more widely available more people can survive. Therefore, housing should be a community resource.
-ing up Soc
S ~
Everyone is equal. Therefore, there are no social classes
There is no dictator since everyone has an equal position
Properties (such as farms and houses) take up space in the land.
People believe in what they please since there is no ruler.
The government (community) controls the means of production where everything is equally distributed.
P ~
I ~
E ~
he spice element that would be most affected by housing would be Interactions between people and the environment. Houses will take up a lot of land and will, therefore, force us to cut down a lot of trees in order to build them. There will also be less space for wild life.
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