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Is Cheer a Sport?

No description

Neha Charlly

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Is Cheer a Sport?

Tumbling can be as easy as doing a
cartwheel or as hard as doing a round
off back handspring back tuck. To tumble
you need a lot of power to land straight.
It requires focus and skill.
Is Cheer a Sport?
Cheer is a Sport
Cheer is not a Sport
My Opinion
Competitive Cheer
Sideline Cheer
Close Sport Relatives of Cheer
Two Sides
There are two different sides to this statement. Some think cheer is a sport and some think it isn't. There are good reasons for both of these opinions.
Some people don't think cheer is a sport. It depends on your definition of the word sport. The dictionary's definition of sport is: an athletic activity requiring skill or ability. For those that disagree with cheer being sport do not think cheerleading requires skill. Others say for it to be a sport, there needs to be a referee or judge.
On the other hand some say cheerleading is a sport.
One reason is that it can be extremely dangerous. Flyers can fall from stunts and you can get hurt from tumbling. According to National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury, cheerleading is the number-one cause of serious sport injuries to women. I don't mean to offend anyone, but other athletes use many forms of protective equipment, where as flyers of cheer have only their teammates hands to fall in.

Stunts require strength,
balance,stamina, and timing.
You need strength because bases and
back spots need to lift the flyer and the
flyer needs to help lift. When you are
up in the air you need to tighten
every part of your body and keep your
balance. Bases and back spots do anything
to get the flyer up in the air and to catch

You probably already guess my opinion on this since I ,myself, am a cheerleader. I say yes it is
a sport. You need to learn how to tumble, be flexible, do certain jumps, stunt, be sharp, loud, and we can't forget to have a smile. Though I think there is a difference between sideline cheering and competitive cheer.
Competitive cheer is more likely considered a sport. If you are a competitive cheerleader, you will need to get tumbling and jumps perfect. The stunts are also more advanced.
Sideline cheerleading is simply school cheerleading
and not doing competitive cheer. It does not mean that if you do school cheerleading you aren't a competitive cheerleader. For example CLS does both. If you are a sideline cheerleader you don't do many stunts or tumbling.
Cheer has the element of gymnastics in it.
They both have about the same skills and
requirements. Gymnastics is a sport
therefore that is another reason cheer
could be considered a sport.

My Conclusion
Cheerleading can be considered or not considered a sport. Though cheer is all about trust. Teamwork is an important trait. To be a good team you need to trust each other especially when someone throws you into the air you need to know that your teammates will catch you. This year we have had flyers drop, then we would have to run or do push-ups. Yet our relationship never breaks.
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