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Korean Traditional game: Ddakjichigi (딱지치기)

A Korean traditional game called Ddakjichigi which is played with Ddakji (a folded piece of paper)


on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Korean Traditional game: Ddakjichigi (딱지치기)

Jegichagi Neolttwigi Gonggi - Out door game Korean traditional games -Popular Korean Children's game -Using 5 small pebbles - Using Jegi - Out door game of women and girls - Similar to Seesaw - Similar to Hacky sack Korean Culture Ddakjichigi 14. Your end product should look like this. 13. Tuck in the last red side under the green as shown. 12. Fold over the last red side as shown. 11. Fold over the other green side as shown. 10. Fold over the red side as shown. 9. Fold over the green side as shown. 8. Place the red piece on top of your green piece. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 and make a total of 2 units. 5. Flip over and make another triangle shape as you did before. 4. Bring an edge over to the middle, making a triangle shape. 2. Fold the paper in half . 1. Prepare 2 pieces of paper. Let’s make a Ddakji ! 3. We can collect them. 2. We can play anywhere. 1. We can use various materials. Features 7. Make 2 vertical folds as shown. 3. Make a crease in the middle by folding it in half. A folded piece of paper
that is used
in Ddakji game. What is a Ddakji ? - to flip over another ddakji on the
ground by throwing your ddakji
upon the one on the ground. The goal of the game 1. When throwing the Ddakji,
you should make the other’s
Ddakji flip over. Rules 2. If the Ddakji is flipped,
the player who flipped it
gets to keep it. Let’s play Ddakji together! Rock, paper, scissors 2. Steps The winner throws his
Ddaki upon the one
on the ground. 3. The loser puts his
Ddakji on the ground. 1. Thank You :)
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