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My Identity Book

includes my body and now added my feelings for Ms.Dicarlo i edited my body and feelings together to see if it would send

theshani wijethunga

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of My Identity Book

Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? My Body The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us. This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and My Identity Book My Feelings Physical things I do to keep my self healthy I love a lot of physical activities.I play soccer and do track and field.Even if its not track and field I run to keep my self healthy. Unlike a lot of people I love gym.It keeps me active and energized. My Body I am a 12 year old girl who is tall but skinny.I am skinny but I eat a lot. I think it is because of genetics my mom and dad were skinny when they were children and got fatter later on. My hair was really long before I cut it and now it is short.My friends say that I'm really active and that's why I never gain weight.I rarely eat junk food and allways eat at least one fruit a day. My Feelings My Character When I have troublesome feelings like when I want to say how I feel about my some one but I'm too scared to hurt their feelings I just write it down on a piece of paper and then throw it away so I don't hurt anyone's feeling and its off my back.I like to keep everything I feel about others to myself so I don't hurt their feeling and they can't hurt mine because I haven't said anything mean to them.I just hate when I make some one feel bad because I know its bullying and bullying is not nice. My Relationships My Future By Theshani Wijethunga My family and Me My Friends (includes the most awesome people ever!) My Future When older I want to be a CEO of an an major organization to help make peoples' lives better by making sure children who want to learn get an education no matter how much money they have. I want to have a family at least one child. If it was a girl her name would be May if it was a boy it would be Jake,or Caleb.I would like to have homes in New York City, Paris, Italy, or London because most of my family live there. I love to go do thing in nature like sky diving I would want to do that for my 18th birthday. I love to plan parties and weddings so I want to plan my own wedding. I want to make new friends along with keeping my old friends too. Help the World!:) My Past The Time Me And My Family Moved To New York When I was 4, me ,my mom ,and dad moved to New York City. It all started when my mom won a greencard lottery in Sri Lanka. She told us me that I would be moving to a new city in another place. At first I wasn't that happy because I would need to know a new language and I would have to start my life all over again. I got picked up by my uncle and lived at his house until we got settled and found an apartment.I started learning English in Pre-K in P.S.51 although I had already been in Pre-K to 1st grade in Sri Lanka because kids start school earlier than kids in the US.In 1st grade I had a very fluent English (had a British accent).My best freinds were Brandon and Patrica.After we found an apartment I had to move once again and I also had that feeling where I had to start all over.Thats when I moved to Chelsea and found my best freind forever,Victoria, at P.S.11.Every single time I moved, I thought I was going to hate it but moving to New York City was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My creativity
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