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Writing the Expository Essay - EOC English 1

No description

Janae Beauchamp

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Writing the Expository Essay - EOC English 1

Writing the Expository Essay - EOC English 1
Dissect the Prompt!

Tips for SUCCESS:
Have great paragraph organization.
Topic Sentence
Concrete Detail ( Evidence)
Commentary (Support)
Commentary (Support)
Closing Statement (Transition)
Develop your ideas effectively.
Choose your words wisely!
Edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and sentences.
Expository = Explain
Explain your way of thinking!
The prompts are always written with a READ section, a THINK section, and a WRITE section.
The READ and THINK sections are there to get your creative juices flowing, and to help you better understand what they are asking you to write.
The WRITE section tells you what type of essay you are to write, and what your topic is! FOCUS ON THIS SECTION THE MOST!

Focus on the "Write" part!
Circle the key verbs in the prompt:
The verbs identify what you have to do.
Underline the nouns:
The nouns identify what you have to do it to.
Write the verbs next to the nouns:
The list organizes what you must do to answer the prompt.
You can use this as a checklist for the prompt.
HIGHLIGHT the "Write" part if you need to!
Use a dictionary to help you understand words.
(The Dictionary should be your bestie!)
Ask for clarification of the prompt!
Let's Practice !
Read the information in the box below.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” –Unknown

We know a little more about preventing illness than people did when this saying originated. However, the basic idea is sound-including fruit in your diet can contribute to good health. What are some other steps you can take to “keep the doctor away”?

Write an essay that explains ways to stay healthy and prevent illness. Include at least two specific preventive or proactive measures.

Be sure to—
Clearly state your thesis
Organize and develop your ideas effectively
Choose your words carefully
Edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and sentences

Scoring the Essay
STAAR English I Expository Writing
Score Point 1
The essay represents a very limited writing performance.

Organization and Progressions
Organizing structure is inappropriate to the purpose
Lacks clarity and direction
Most ideas are generally related
Thesis is missing
Fails to maintain focus
Shifts from idea to idea in a random/illogical way

Development of Ideas
Development is weak
Writer uses details and examples that are inappropriate, vague, or insufficient
Response is vague and confused
Essay is weakly linked to topic
Demonstrates lack of understanding of expository writing task

Use of Language/Conventions
Vague or limited word choice
Little or no awareness of expository purpose
Sentences are simplistic, awkward, uncontrolled
No command of conventions
Mistakes disrupt reader's understanding

Score Point 2
The essay represents a basic writing performance.

Organization and Progressions
Thesis statement is weak
Weak attempt at organization
Writer includes irrelevant information
Repetition and wordiness may be present
Transitions and connections are too perfunctory to flow easily

Development of Ideas
Development of ideas is minimal
Details and examples are not always appropriate or are too brief
Little or no thought put into writing

Use of Language/ Conventions
Word choice may be general or imprecise
Does not establish an appropriate tone
Sentences are awkward
Writer has only a partial command of the conventions of language
Mistakes are distracting to the reader

Score Point 3
The essay represents a satisfactory writing performance.

Organization and Progressions
Structure is appropriate for the expository task
Thesis is clearly stated and focused
Progressions of ideas is logical and controlled and show the relationship or ideas

Development of Ideas
Development of ideas is sufficient
Uses details and examples that are specific and appropriate
Reflects some thoughtfulness

Use of Language/Conventions
Word choice is clear and specific and contributes to the quality of the essay
Sentences are varied and adequately controlled
Demonstrates adequate command of the conventions of language

Score Point 4
The essay represents an accomplished writing performance.

Organization and Progressions
Extremely well organized
Clear thesis and all ideas are strongly related and provide focused support to topic
Progressions of ideas is logical

Development of Ideas
Development of ideas is effective
All supportive details are relevant and add substance to the essay
Thought may be particularly insightful

Use of Language/Conventions
Word choice is purposeful and precise
Sentences are purposeful,varied, and well controlled
Excellent command of the conventions of language although may contain minor errors

During the Test: Pace yourself!
Answer Document
You will have 26 lines to write on for each essay.
Make sure you write your essay on the correct page of lines so that it is graded.
Indent your new paragraphs! This shows great organization.
Do not skip lines!
You do not have to fill in every line, however, it is necessary to fully develop your thinking!
Watch the clock!
You have 4 hours to complete the writing test.
You will have 20 MC questions
10 editing, 10 revising
Use 1 hour for the Multiple Choice questions!
Use the next 3 hours for your 3 essays(Literary and Expository.)
Spend an hour on each essay.
Take 10-15 mins to plan/pre-write ( Make sure you understand the prompt, figure out what you already know and how it connects to the prompt!)
Drafting is easier and faster if you plan!
Spend 20-25 mins writing a rough draft
Use 10 mins to revise
Focus on organization, development, and language control.
Use 15 mins to copy the final draft!
You CAN do this!
Pace yourself! You've got this!
Test Booklet
You have 2.5 pages for pre-write. USE IT!
Make sure you write your essay on your answer document before time is up. Do not just write the essay in your test booklet!
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