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Background Informtion for the Novel, A Long Walk to Water

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robbin howard

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Background Informtion for the Novel, A Long Walk to Water

Background Information for the Novel, A Long Walk to Water

Advance Organizer
Take Notes on the Following: Note that this type of organizer is how to set-up your notes from a powerpoint on the background information in the novel.
Sudanese Refugees
Women's Concerns in South Sudan: Working towards Equality
Traditionally, what responsibilities fall to Sudanese women? What jobs are considered "women's work"? How do traditionally female jobs (fetching water, cooking meals, childcare) keep girls out of school?
What Will I Be Required to Do throughout this Unit of Study?
Get your audience excited
Show how things would improve
How problems can be resolved
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Sudan: The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)
1. Who colonized Sudan, when did they leave?
2. Who was given control of the government when this group left? Why was this problematic?
3. How long has Sudan endured Civil War?
4. How do the people in the South feel the Arabic language is being used?
5. What specific things are people fighting for?
6. Who signed the CPA? Do you think that it's significant that the SPLM, one of many rebel groups based in the South were offered the chance to sign, but not other groups? How could this become a problem later?
7. Why do some Southerners believe some Northerners did not want to sign the CPA?
8. What role is oil playing in the North/South Sudan conflict? Do Southerners feel oil is being fairly distributed?
9. What will happen to other marginalized groups in Sudan (Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains, Darfur) when the South secedes?
10. How is the U.S.'s lack of involvement in Sudan after the CPA like a nurse giving a patient medicine but not staying to make sure it's taken?

The Connection between Darfur and South Sudan
11. Many Sudanese believe the Southern Sudanese and Darfuri people are fighting the northern regime for the same reasons: equality, equal distribution of resources, and freedom. Practically speaking, what does each of these ideals mean? What will be required to ensure the ideals are actually enacted across Sudan?
12. In what ways have Darfur and South Sudan been neglected by North Sudan?
13. Is Darfur located in North or South Sudan?
14. Who are the Janjaweed? How does the Northern government motivate them to fight Darfuris?
15. Describe how the government manipulated religion to fuel fighting in Darfur and South Sudan.
16. Who signed the CPA? Did the document really represent peace for all groups?
17. Describe the Darfuri participation in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Given the different levels of regional and ethinic group support for the agreement, could it really be considered comprehensive?
18. What is an internally displaced person? How would the Darfuri experience in refugee camps help them better understand the Southern Sudanese experience during the North/South Civil War?

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