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KBC JumpStart New Student Orientation

KBC JumpStart New Student Orientation

Kim Frost

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of KBC JumpStart New Student Orientation

A Great Way to Start your College Education
It is also the beginning of your permanent college transcript.
Keep this in mind and make sure are making informed decisions.
So keep this in mind and make
informed decisions.
Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with the policies and regulations of Kenai Peninsula College on this site. The responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements rests with the student. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however, this information is not a contract, but rather a guide for the convenience of students.
What is JumpStart?
JumpStart allows seniors to take classes at KPC's Kachemak Bay Campus and receive both college and high school credit, paying a reduced tuition rate.
High School seniors are allowed to take six credits at a reduced rate, plus fees and textbooks
Students enrolling in a four credit class may take an additional three credit course for a maximum of seven credits.
Regular charges for tuition apply to the additional credit.
Are You Eligible?
To be eligible for the JumpStart program you need to:
•have high school senior status
•be a resident of the Kenai Peninsula Borough
•provide documentation of academic readiness by recommendation of your counselor or principal and KBC placement test scores
•possess the social maturity to be successful in an adult environment
•understand and agree to abide by the
Student Code of Conduct
for Kenai Peninsula College, University of Alaska Anchorage
Is JumpStart Right for You?
College classes are different from high school classes.
When deciding if JumpStart is right for you, keep in mind...
One semester of college course-work in a subject is equivalent to a full year at high school.
Classes move very quickly
Being absent for one 3 hour class is the equivalent of missing an entire week in high school.
Dual Credit
You will earn University of Alaska Anchorage credit when you successfully complete a class at KPC.
UAA is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
You must have your High School Counselor’s approval to use any KPC course towards your high school graduation requirements. KPC advisors cannot advise students on their high school requirements!
What Are Your Responsibilities as a Student?
•Read your course syllabus and understand course expectations.
•Know when your assignments are due.
•Come to class prepared. Have assignments completed and be prepared to discuss the material and ask questions as appropriate.
•Seek advising when you have questions.
•Seek tutoring if you need help with the material.
•Devote the time to be successful.
Abide by the Student Code of Conduct!
Registration for JumpStart Classes
You must apply for a waiver to university policy that will enable you take college courses as a high school student.
If approved, the waiver will allow you to take a maximum of seven credits per semester and limits your course selection to 100 and 200 level courses.
The waiver is a privilege, not a right, and is based on your ability to work at an adult level and your academic readiness for the selected courses.
Registration: Step by Step
1.Work with your high school counselor or principal to identify classes that you are academically prepared for and that will help meet your educational goals.
2.Read the entire JumpStart packet.
3.Complete and sign the application form.
4.Obtain the signature of your parent or guardian and your counselor or principal.
5.Take the Accuplacer Placement Exam.
6.Bring your placement results to a KBC Advisor. The Advisor is the last signature on the application and will not sign the waiver unless all other signatures are present.
7.You (not your parents) bring the following three documents to the registration desk:

◦A copy of your placement test results

◦The completed High School Waiver Application form
8.Pay for your classes.
9.Buy your books.
College classes fill up, so don't procrastinate. If a class is closed, you should have an alternate plan for filling your high school graduation requirements.
Where Can You Get Help?
Your Instructor - Communication with your instructor is vital to your success in a class. If you are having trouble, talk to your instructor!
Your Advisor - KBC advisors are a great resource. If they can't help you themselves, they can usually steer you in the right direction.
Learning Resource Center - Math and writing learning specialists and student tutors are available to JumpStart students. They can be found at the Learning Resource Center, located at Bayview Hall. Don't wait until you are falling behind to ask for help!
Library - The Library Assistant is wonderful at helping students access library resources.
•Make an appointment with DSS, provide current diagnostic and evaluative reports, and request reasonable accommodations that are supported by documentation.

•Reasonable accommodations include modifications and adjustments that do not fundamentally alter or lower the standards of an instructional program.

•Students may receive reasonable accommodations to “level the playing field” but these accommodations are meant to ensure equal access, not to guarantee success.
Students need to advocate for themselves.
High School students may be used to having parents speak for them. It can be hard to ask for help, to discuss disability openly. We understand that and try to provide a safe environment, but students must learn to advocate for themselves at the University.
Disability Support Services
Students transitioning from high school to UAA need to:
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Use the More button at the bottom right to select full screen for this presentation. Use the Arrow buttons to move forward!
Now some details
Technology - what you need to know
UAA Email
When you register for a KBC class, you will automatically be issued a university e-mail account.
It is important to check this account often so that you do not miss important notices, account information, communication from your instructors, etc.
All email generated by the university will go to this address!
Access your account by clicking the Webmail link from the KBC homepage. It may take 48 hours after you register for your account to become active.
If you are registered for a distance delivered class, BlackBoard will be your primary classroom. The tools provided by the BlackBoard software allow students and faculty to post and share documents and other course content, communicate and share ideas via e-mail and posted discussion boards. Some teachers use BlackBoard extensively, some not as much. You will need to access BlackBoard to complete your course evaluations for every class that you take.
Access BlackBoard from the KBC homepage.
And one more...
UAOnline gives you access to:
Account Information
Financial Aid
Direct Deposit Information
Personal Information
Student Records
You will use UAOnline to print your transcripts at the end of the semester.
It is your responsibility
to provide your High School Registrar with a copy of these transcripts.
You're Done! Print this
and turn it in with your JumpStart registration.
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