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Can Pot cure Alzheimer's?

No description

Hoe Jodell

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Can Pot cure Alzheimer's?

There Are Two
Main Components
Of Marijuana
In Laboratory
test of Mice...
They both were shown to block the processes that cause Alzheimers to advance.
Marijuana 101
First Pot Law In America Was Ordering people to grow it.

In Patient
There was not a single patient that I could find that was not positively effected by the drug.
Comparison to
Current Alzheimers Medications
Can Pot cure Alzheimer's?
What Is
Top Ten Killer Of The Elderly
But can it
really cure
Progressive Form Of Dementia
There is no cure, only treatments
Caused by the AB protein attacking the brain

Can be used to treat
over 250 ailments
Medically Decriminalized in more than half of states (including MD)
Currently: There are no FDA approved cures to the disease, they only battle Symptoms
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