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Naming Warrior Cats - A Traditional guide

No description

Wrenwhisker of ShadowClan

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Naming Warrior Cats - A Traditional guide

Naming Warrior Cats - A Traditional guide
If you have been a fan of the Warriors-book series for a long time, you probably have noticed that there is a certain pattern to their names. All of their names have two parts - a prefix and a suffix, such as Red- and -pelt. but names are more than that. The name is the cat. The name is supposed to describe its owner. That is why you don't give your cat a prefix that implies he or she goes against everything the warrior code says, such as Deathbringer. You wouldn't want to be called Murderer, would you?
The prefix is given to a cat when he or she is born, or quickly after that. The only thing that separates a newborn litter of kits from each other is their pelt color, or their size if a kit is much smaller than larger than its siblings. In some cases in the books, cats have been given names to illustrate that their legs or tail is longer or shorter than an average kit's. I don't advise this, because even when a kit grows up, its pelt color or size will be more noticeable to others. So, unless a cat's name has been changed for some reason, its prefix has to say something about its size.
The suffix is acquired when a cat becomes a warrior. Before that, it's either -kit or -paw. A leader always has the suffix -star, at least in canon-clan settings. The suffix is used to finish the meaning of the prefix (such as Blackfoot, a white tom with black feet), tell about the cat's personality or tell about its skills. The suffix (or the prefix) should NEVER be about a negative trait of the cat it was given to. This is why I don't advise using, for example, -fall as a prefix. It indicated a decline, which is not a good thing.
What not to do
Some people say that prefixes Sun-, Moon- and Star- are not used because they are sacred to the Clans. This is true for the Moon and stars, but I have never seen any indication that the sun is sacred. There is only one sun and one moon, however, and naming a kit for them would indicate that the cat in question is somehow more beautiful or important than his or her Clanmates. Stars are believed to be the spirits of dead cats, and -star is also the suffix used for leaders. I might accept Moon- and Sun- as acceptable prefixes, but not Star-. If you want to name your kit Starkit, I hope it becomes leader.
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